30 June 2014

A summer's roadtrip. Fin.

Driving back to the Bay Area as we wound down our road trip, was a bit sad, as we did not want to leave.  Also,  a few of us (the 12 year-old sect) were not so thrilled to return to the backseat, for the ten hour drive from the coast to the Bay area.   

 The roadside sites & stops were all the more important to keep everyone happy. 

A farmstand, selling tons of gorgeous cherries, among other things, provided a very delicious and a summer-must reason for one stop.  

The 'other' things i.e. kangaroo jerky (really?!?) was not a reason, although we found the idea of it fascinating.  

A stop in Gold Hill, OR, provided a river with its own tiny beach--near the tressel train track bridge--for a hot afternoon's swim.  The water was FREEZING but somehow worth it.  And the intense heat dried us off, literally, in minutes.  

I wish I had a photo of the old school Dairy Queen that we visited too--with its original sign & Dilly bars on the menu, I was transported back to my youth & expected my sister to appear at the window to take my order.  

And finally, dinner called and we made our way to Ashland, OR a favorite spot of ours.  Although we didn't have time to indulge in the Shakespeare Festival, we did visit Lithia Springs & found this bold duck ready to befriend us.

And now, I'm back to work with loads of good Ses Petites Mains' developments to come,
and many rich holiday memories to savor.  

Enjoy your summer adventures wherever they take you!

28 June 2014

A summer's roadtrip, Part III

A few of my favorites shots from our time on the Oregon Coast last week.  Enjoy...

The beautiful walk through the beach grass down to the sea

Tillamook Head in the distance.
Finding jelly fish whereever we go.

The scenery reminded me so much of Wyeth's, The Giant (see below)--which is a very good thing.
Wyeth's The Giant, an all-time favorite of mine

Pendleton Wool blanket at the beach

Learning to Kite Surf, off the back of the car--yes, you can drive your car on the beach--crazy!

And not only can you bring your car, you can bring your fire.  Bonfire=s'mores, for sure!

27 June 2014

25 June 2014

Our Bespoke Customers...

We created a space to showcase some of our best
Bespoke Custom-made
& thought you might care to see them. 
We'll be adding more, so check back soon!
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Our Cecelia dress with contrast tie is an ideal Flower Girl dress, wouldn't you agree?

24 June 2014

22 June 2014

My new summer home, CCA

If you are looking for me this summer, you should stop by the beautiful Building B on
CCA's Rockridge campus.  

That is where you'll find me for a few hours a week through the end of July, working with CCA's Pre-College students who are interested in their rich
Fashion Design program. 

I'm thrilled to have the chance to use my industry experience & give a karmic payback to all those who took me under their wing, as I 'grew' up in the
Design world during my years
in New York City.

As we explore the evolution of
a Design concept, I'm hoping to help the 'designers of the future' curate their own ideas of what modern apparel design can achieve--keeping sustainability, innovation & hopefully, locally-made collections, in focus. 

Now, that is a summer adventure that really excites me!

21 June 2014

A summer's roadtrip (really!). Part two.

On our roadtrip from the Bay Area up to the coast of Oregon, we took a Tiny  detour to Mt Hood, which brought us to the beautiful, historic Timberline Lodge.   

Nestled upon the glacier peak, we enjoyed fondue while the snow came down & the winds howled.  I must admit that, at first, it was a bit difficult to get our heads around this summer night's dinner but once we did, we loved it.  Our only regret was that we didn't pack sleds to take advantage of the elements!

Personally, I am always in wide-eyed amazement at the treasure trove of Arts & Crafts that make up this tremendous lodge.  Built as part of FDR's WPA efforts during the Depression, the lodge, the paintings, the furniture, the artwork, everything, was created by those who needed work and clearly possessed a great deal of talent.  

Being more of a sun seeker, I was happy to gather us all up again, pack back into the car & make our way to the coast.  
Bye snow, it was tremendous but the surf calls!

Dear Prudence. Very dear, indeed.

We loved receiving this photo of our Prudence dress in 
Tiny Wale Cord, from Hope & Memory Photography. 

16 June 2014

A summer's roadtrip, Part I

Enjoy a few pics from our roadtrip to Oregon & back.  
First stop --the lovely Black Butte Ranch near Sisters, Oregon.

The lovely greeting we received at Black Butte Stables

Duke, a horse who so graciously trotted me along on the trails.

The Black Butte brand, but of course.

10 June 2014

We love graduates ...

...especially those smart & chic ones, like this newly anointed 6th grader.  
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And our Gertrude dress honors the occasion perfectly.  

Thank you for sharing & congratulations! 

09 June 2014

Design Room Staples--tape, twine & Ecover.

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People are always asking me if they can
really get our
Cecelia dress
Flower girl dresses | Jr. bridesmaids dresses | bridal party | bespoke | bridesmaid dresses girls | party dresses girls | bespoke dresses girls | made to order dressesor our sweetest Gemma top
 in the crisp
white Alyce Dot;
or our Gertrude Dress
in our white Bubble Eyelet.  

And the answer is ALWAYS a resounding "Yes!", mostly because of Ecover's remarkable stain remover, aptly named, "Stain Remover"

It takes out everything--dirt, chocolate, even berries, of every variety. 

Trust me, we've enjoyed them and little fingers have cleaned themselves on these fabrics right in front of my very eyes.  And I take it all in stride, because I know, its all good. 

Right next to my tape measure and somewhere beside the baker's twine, is my studio stash of the miracle
Stain Remover.  

So yes, shop away and don't stay away from the beautiful, floaty whites and delicate shades of Ses Petites Mains.  We've got you covered...or shall we say Ecover-ed. 

P.s. did you notice the sweet color story they all make, in their shades of pink & red--I swear I didn't plan that! 

Tiny Chic Savings, Everyday

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We just updated our sale section & thought you'd like to know! 
Great deals everyday! 
Shop our Tiny Chic Boutique & see for yourself.

07 June 2014

Keeper of the keys & memories.

This past week, I moved my studio, again.  
And as it happens with any move,
I found myself cleaning out, rummaging through
and falling into the proverbial rabbit hole of memories. 

But it wasn't photos or handwritten notes that got me this move, it was a selection of keys. 

They stopped me in my tracks because each key represented a distinct part
of my past and in one glance, I was ttransported back.  

My flat in NYC, my previous home, my parent's home in Southern California--
like a time machine on a key ring. 

I decided these keys needed to stay, maybe even honored in a frame. 
It was nice to visit for a brief moment and I realized,
I may want to return every now and again.

It made me wonder, where else do we find unexpected time capsules? 
I'd love to hear your stories.

04 June 2014

A factory visit

Colors & patterns of collar pieces 
with their pearl edge stitching, 
awaiting the sewing line.

Tiddlywink chiffon skirt pieces on the sewing line!

We love seeing it all in the works, right here in our lovely city of  
San Francisco.  

Stay tuned for the finished pieces!  

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