31 March 2010

ses petites mains in Laguna Beach

I have had a life-long love of Laguna Beach--a soulful beach community in southern California that  I discovered while in college, many years ago.  These days, its where I love to take my daughter so that she can experience warm, sunny beaches--different from those in her hometown of San Francisco.  A place where you can climb upon the rocks and watch the little seal bodysurfing in the waves (the same one that seems to show up everytime we are in town!).
To me, Laguna is pretty much perfection.  A slice of heaven on earth.  You can lay on rocks, sun bathing all day; explore endless tidepools; hike gorgeous canyons; eat great food and drink the best date nut shake ever made...and now, even shop for ses petites mains.
Thanks to Wendy Estreicher the owner of the new, gorgeous children's boutique Hillary which officially opens tomorrow April 1  with a fabulous opening party, not to be missed.
Find ses petites mains spring2010 dresses, tops & bottoms in addition to great clothing, accessories and toys for girls, boys & baby.

And please say hello to our Annalisa dress, standing ever-so happily in the window.  She's particulary lucky as the view of the seals from her spot is fantastic!

Visit Hillary at 305 N. Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach

22 March 2010

ses petites mains fall2010, a follow-up

New York market has come and passed and we are thrilled with the response ses petites mains' fall2010 collection received.  The overall feeling in New York was one of optimism.  And that just makes us want to work harder to make sweeter, fresher tiny chic clothing for the market. 

Take a sneak peak at what fall2010 will look like in Tina Barry's trend report.  We love her kind words -- and don't miss our Nona Dress and Theodora Jacket.

Read Tina Barry's complete trend report

18 March 2010

Park Day School fundraiser, March 19 - 22

We are thrilled to partner with the
wonderful independent school,
Park Day School in a fundraiser to
benefit their academic
& financial assistance program. 

If you are in the Oakland area
Sunday March 21, and want to stop by,
email contact@sespetitesmains.com for specific details. 

Otherwise shop at our on-line boutique
anytime between March 19 - 22,
use the code 'parkday' at checkout,
20% of your apparel purchase will benefit Park Day.

16 March 2010

our full spring 2010 collection

Find our complete spring2010 collection at our
online boutique.  Umm, umbrellas not included!

Can't find what you need, just email us at

10 March 2010

tiny chic clothing in our tiny chic booth

New York, I love every bit of it.  Some of you may know that it was my home for close to ten years.   Those ten years were such an exciting part of my life; my education; my career. 

I was never as fit as the years I spent climbing the heights to my apartment on the sixth floor (they call that a walk-up in nyc, as there is no option, but 'to walk up'.)  Space was at a minimum but it never really seemed to matter as the experience of life was so maximized.  Art, music, people from every corner of the world.

And now being back in New York for the Children's Club, I find myself feeling exactly the same way.

I have a tiny, lovely space in which to showcase ses petites mains' fall 2010 collection and the people I am surrounded by are as fun, interesting and diverse as they were when I lived there, over 10 years ago. 

Our spring 2010 collection has been selling, and buyers are placing reorders.  We've had window displays full of our pieces and just learned that Martha Stewart Wedding will feature two ses petites mains dresses in their upcoming June issue. 

With all this excitement, we go to market hoping to deliver another line that resonates with buyers, parents, and of course, little girls.

04 March 2010

the Bailey pant giveaway

We love to partner with Bloesem Kids and we currently have a 'Win on Wednesday' giveaway as part of their beautiful blog.  Leave a comment about that which you like most from our  spring 2010 collection and you may be chosen as the winner of the Bailey Trouser (available in sizes 2t - 8)

Winner to be announced Wednesday March 10.  Good luck!

Visit Bloesem Kids for your daily fix of all things lovely, where kids are involved.

03 March 2010

fall 2010 collection...

Yes, its only March, and Spring has just begun to really show her true colors--you should see my beautiful magnolias now! 

My daughter reminds me each day, how many days are left (thanks, 2nd grade teachers!) 'til that "delightful season" starts.  Now I must try to convince her that the time has come to unveil a Fall collection.  What sense can that make? 
Crazy to some, but oh so exciting to me, and my little team, at ses petites mains.  I do love the process of designing a season--exploring the fabrics, discovering the new shapes, finding the right button or trim.  And then the grand moment of seeing the new samples--do they 'work' as I thought they would?  The best of moment of all is when I see the season's collection, together, for the first time.  And now, this weekend, I'll show Fall2010 to editors & buyers.  The collection, together, for the first time. 

See ses petites mains' Fall2010 collection in Nyc at the Children's Club, booth 9333, Sunday March 7 - Tuesday March 9, if you happen to be in town!

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