07 June 2014

Keeper of the keys & memories.

This past week, I moved my studio, again.  
And as it happens with any move,
I found myself cleaning out, rummaging through
and falling into the proverbial rabbit hole of memories. 

But it wasn't photos or handwritten notes that got me this move, it was a selection of keys. 

They stopped me in my tracks because each key represented a distinct part
of my past and in one glance, I was ttransported back.  

My flat in NYC, my previous home, my parent's home in Southern California--
like a time machine on a key ring. 

I decided these keys needed to stay, maybe even honored in a frame. 
It was nice to visit for a brief moment and I realized,
I may want to return every now and again.

It made me wonder, where else do we find unexpected time capsules? 
I'd love to hear your stories.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I love this! I never thought of keys that way. I got really hung up on an old tea to we from my grandmother's summer home. That one towel held her voice; the scents of the kitchen, the small little beach town. My entire experience there in one little towel. Ahh, memories-take them whenever you get them! Thanks for such a sweet post.


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