29 September 2014

Our new home page, any comments?

We've created a 'Ses Petites Mains-at-a-glance' at our
Tiny Chic Boutique

Follow the images to the clothing you are looking for. 
We love it, but would love to know what you think, so just leave a comment, or two, with your thoughts. 

Afterall, its designed with you in mind!

You'll love the Deals on Babyccino

Girl's 'go-anywhere & everywhere' stylish modern and elegant clothing; party dresses, flower girl dresses, jr. bridesmaid dresses & special occasion dresses for the Tiny Chic Customer. Sizes Baby, Toddler, 2T to 8, Tween and Teen. Happily made in San Francisco since 2006.

Visit Babyccino's beautiful site to see all the details!

22 September 2014

My Mom's 90th birthday, August 18, 2014

A blurry 90th birthday photo,
a beautiful metaphor for how fast it all goes!
 I still can't quite believe that I helped my Mom, my dear Mom, celebrate her 90th birthday last month.  When I say the number, it doesn't compute.  My Mom, has been my Mom, my entire life, clearly. And she has always been the youngest-hearted woman, every step of the way. 

My Mom, c. 1942

When I was a young girl, I never could quite articulate how she was different from my friends' mothers--most of them born in the late '40's or 50's--closer in age to my oldest sister than to my mother.  I think it was my fear of hurting her feelings to call out the fact that her hair (set in rollers & sprayed within an inch of becoming plastic) was so NOT hip compared to the long, straight Cher-like locks of 'younger' Moms.  Her experience of growing up in the Depression & listening to Cole Porter vs the Equal Rights Amendment & Simon & Garfunkel of The '70's, seemed ridiculously out of date.  "Who even cares about the dumb Depression?"  I thought!  And the list of comparisons to younger Moms went on and on. 

My beautiful parents, c. 1948
She was 42 years old when I was born; I was her eighth & last child. And with my place in the family, came the role of being her last chance at Motherhood.  Possibly, her chance to do all the things that she never had time to do with the others.  Her chance to try out her own progressive ideas (for a depression-era Irish Catholic, progressive is quite relative)--but progressive they were compared to what my siblings had known.  Her desire to hold me close and teach me all she could--to sew, to bake, to do just about everything with my hands--embroider, crotchet, knit, cross stitch, needle point.  To garden, to appreciate our farmer's market, to pull tomato bugs off the vine, that list goes on and on.  
My mom used to tell me that she had me, just to keep her young. And so I took it as the truth and 'young' I kept her.  Pushing her up mountain ranges to go hiking with us; taking her to mudbaths in Calistoga with us; having her work the CD player during the birth of my daughter. Whatever was happening in my life, I wanted her to be part of the experience. 

1996 New York City
When I think of what Motherhood meant for my Mom--with a a newborn at the age of 42, (in addition to 6 others ranging in age from 2 years-old to 15 years-old) being consider a 'late in life endeavor', I know by today standards it's quite the norm.  And I think of all my Mother-friends who will be having 90th birthday's with their 40-something children in tow.  Motherhood amongst "women of a certain age" is no longer the outlier, but more the norm, at least in my world.   And for those birthdays in 40-something years,  I know its very presumptuous to expect that we will all be around to notice, but I hope that we will know such tenure in life and can share with our children and grandchildren, what she was able to share with me and my family.
Helping out at a Ses Petites Mains' event

There are times I feel slightly envious of my friends with Mothers who are in their 60's or 70's, with so much life still in front of them--so much time with their children, so much time for re-establishing the Mother/Daughter role.  But the envy doesn't last long, as the richness that she bestowed upon me makes me realize that things are just as they should be.  And I check myself again, as it really isn't envy, its just a desire to never have to say goodbye to her. 
The Nutcracker with Somerset, 2013


And it is for that reason, that this birthday was so very bittersweet for me.  All the while watching her enjoy the little celebrations, I knew that each moment forward was really a step away from her.  And with each day, I feel the same. 

My daughter Somerset &
her 'Mammam' 2009

My goal for her 90th year, is to live 'as large' as we can -- where 'living large' really means, spending time--drinking tea & coffee, making red sauce, and sharing all that we can with her.  Its the little things, after all, that make life seems so large, right?

Happy 90th Mom.

Tiny Chic Mom's essentials--a great hat.

tiny chic mom, ses petites mains for women, women's accessories, women's hats, panama hats, fedora hat for women
Classic Panama

Modern Panama in white/black
We are thrilled to offer a Tiny Chic Mom's collection of hats--timeless & classic and well suited to the sensibilities of the modern woman.

And if hats are back, in a 'big way' -- we at Ses Petites Mains like to think of it, in a 'Tiny Chic' way.

Perfect colors, perfect shapes, just the thing to throw on to make any outfit just a Tiny bit Chic-er.  See our hats for Tiny Chic Mom's here...
Modern Panama in natural/black

Free Shipping Everyday on Tiny Chic Clothing

Just another reason to shop our Tiny Chic Boutique.
Applies to domestic, ground only.

Dress Like a Girl with Ses Petites Mains

20 September 2014

Look who has come out to play...

Dear Prudence, now featured in Bella Vita Home's window.

Prudence, in our Tiny Wale Cordoroy with a hint of fringe trim at the hem.  Just the dress to usher in the new Fall Season, which by the way,  starts TOMORROW.

19 September 2014

Baby, coming to Bella Vita Home

infant flower girl dress, infant dresses, designer clothing for girls, infant girls party dress
Styles just for the stroller set--in sizes 12mo-2t. 
See the Tiny Chic Assortment at Bella Vita Home.
5511 College Ave in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland.

Tiny & Chic packages--who wouldn't love?!

Grand Dots shining through our blue tissue--we love it!  
And this lucky Tiny Chic customer is bound to love it too!

18 September 2014

What our End of Summer Savings really looks like!

end of summer sale on girls clothing, handmade in San francisco by Ses Petites Mains, made in America

 See these and more styles at our End of Summer Savings...enter 'endofsummer' for additional savings. 
Ends the last day of summer--September 21, 2014.

12 September 2014

Here comes the weekend.

Enjoy yours, I plan to do the same!

Panama Hats made just for Ses Petites Mains

We are thrilled to introduce our Tiny Chic Collection of
Panama hats, for Tweens & Moms, handmade for Ses Petites Mains, in Ecuador. 
In classic & modern shapes, with clean brims and bound brims, there is a shape & color for everyone.Panama hats for girls & tweens, handmade in Ecuador

And as we love these hats and their beautiful, rich textures, we were curious as to why, a hat made in Ecuador, is referred to as a "Panama".  So with a bit of research, we discovered that the origins of the name "Panama hat" came from when, in 1904, Teddy Roosevelt, President at the time, travelled to Panama to observe the engineering feat of the Panama Canal.  He also discovered the smart hats that the workers wore & adopted one himself. Photographer on this trip in his chic topper, the hat becoming commonly referred to as the "Panama hat", its Ecuadorian roots  were lost along the way.

History aside, we think that they are the perfect accessory to our Tiny Chic Clothing, in colors & styles your Tween will love.  So chic they are, we even added a few for Mom. 

History in the making, you'll be, in your new chapeau.

Panama hats for women & girls, handmade in Ecuador

Shop our Tiny Chic Boutique for Tween & Women's sizes & styles.

09 September 2014

Congratulations to the Duchess

Congratulations to Kate Middleton--the world's most beloved Duchess--on the news of her pregnancy.  

Our fingers are crossed for a healthy, Tiny Chic Princess.  Something tells me we might have just the thing for her welcoming gift!

08 September 2014

We love our Fans!

We received these amazing photos of our Cecelia and Rose dresses,
dancing the night away,
thanks to these darling sisters. 

We love the life that our dresses lead--
how lucky are our Ses Petites Mains pieces?!  

Thank you for sending, your gift card is on its way!

Send us your photo of your Tiny Chic little one in her Ses Petites Mains and we'll post it and send you a gift card to our Tiny Chic Boutique. 
It really pays to be a Fan!

06 September 2014

Our Pop Up, going strong at Bella Vita Home

What a window!!  (from left to right) Cecelia dress, Tiddly Wink Dots,
Cecelia dress in Bobo Stripe, Thora Jacket in Box Plaid, & Gertrude in Chiffon Stripes

I spent the morning with Jennifer at Bella Vita Home, restocking & refreshing our Pop Up Shop.  It has been such a fantastic experience working with Jennifer and having the direct interaction with our product, in-store.  And lest we forget the phenomenal reception that Ses Petites Mains has received from Bella Vita Home's customers!  All in all, a tremendous experience.

If you haven't already, stop by and say hello to Jennifer, her staff, & all our Ses Petites Mains' styles!

Bella Vita Home
5511 College Avenue in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland

05 September 2014

Here comes the weekend

 A little memory from my birthday. at the beginning of this week.
Note the Ses Petites Mains' colors on my beautiful new Michel Junod board. 
Its a bit of a leap, as I have never ridden such a 'short' board. But I'm looking forward to the challenge!

This may take me through the weekend, happily!
Enjoy yours, whereever you might find yourself.

03 September 2014

We love our Fans

Darling sisters in the Pru dresses at a beautifully rustic farm house. 
Our Tiny Chic Clothing lives the life! 

Thanks for sharing, your gift card in on its way.

See our full Tiny Chic Fan Club here and
become a Fan too--it pays!

02 September 2014

We love our fans

Cecelia in Confetti Dots, looking pretty sweet on her
happy new customer! 

Thanks for sharing, your gift card is on its way!  
It really does 'Pay to be our Fan.'

01 September 2014

It really pays to be a Fan!

Send us a photo of your
Tiny Chic customer in her
Ses Petites Mains & we'll send you a gift card to our
Tiny Chic Boutique. 

It really does pay to be a Fan! 

See our Tiny Chic Fans here...

Email photos to boutique@sespetitesmains.com.

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