29 November 2010

Little things all around me...

For those of you who know me,
you well know of my infatuation with all things little--
tiny chic clothing (of course!), quiet details,
and a most favorite song, by Los Lobos,
bearing the name "Little Things".

So you can only imagine my thrill at
having the chance to create
exclusive tiny chic styles
for the new web-based store, (get ready!)--
the little-little black dress shop.

You'll find all three styles (clockwise, from top left)
Lainey, Greta & Ava dresses
ready for whatever special occasion your little one has on her calendar.
visit http://www.llbdshop.com/

tiny chic monday

We like to think of ourselves as chic, not cyber. 
Forget Cyber and just go chic, tiny chic, that is. 

Save 30% on all ses petites mains purchases
when you shop today at our online store
Tell your friends, and don't forget--today only!

Enter 'blog' in the comments section and
we'll deduct 30% from your purchase price.

22 November 2010

more Lainey for the holidays

We are thrilled with the new Lainey--all dressed up for a holiday night on the town.  At top, is Lainey in noir shantung taffeta with a sterling contrast and below, is Lainey in icy tussah silk with onxy contrast. 

These were cut exclusively for a retailer in Chicago, but we are giving our customers first glance!  Email us if you care to have one for your own tiny chic customer.

a sneak peek at our exclusive dress...

19 November 2010

ses petites mains & Bella Vita Home

Gertrude dress (far left), kat surplice (middle) and Giselle dress with Edna wrap (far right). 
 Bella Vita Home is now a home to ses petites mains.  And we couldn't be more thrilled with the lovely window display featuring our Fall2010 collection.

And for our many loyal East Bay ses petites mains' fans--we are excited to offer you the chance to get to know Bella Vita Home, or give you an excuse to drop in again, ifyou are already acquainted!
So whether your needs are everyday or special occasion, Bella Vita Home will help to make sure you have a tiny chic option.

Visit Bella Vita Home at
5407 College Avenue in Oakland's darling Rockridge neighborhood (510) 653-1639

17 November 2010

holiday dresses, soon to arrive

ses petites mains new Holiday 2010 dresses
are arriving shortly...
email us and we'll be sure
you're among the first to see them.
Greta Dress in starry dotted night 

15 November 2010

tiny chic treehouse

 This past Saturday in San Francisco was like a summer's day.  At least, like a 'summer's day' in any other part of the country.  In San Francisco, I suppose, this time of the year is when we get our summer, something that I still find hard to accept, even after I have passed my ten year anniversary of residing here!

So on that sunny Saturday, my daughter and I climbed, (barefoot, mind you!) up to her treefort and made a dreamy little bedroom where she could lounge and read her favorite books.  You know, the kind of thing you do on a lazy summer's day.

The job entailed finding just the right tree branch that could double as a curtain rod; and then scouring through the assortment of 'stuff' in our garage, until we found the shower curtain clips that made it all come together.

And even though the sun was shining and the temperature was soaring above 75degrees, we hung Christmas ornaments and twinkling lights, knowing that the weather would soon honor the season and start to cool down.

And here is the finished piece...enjoy.

07 November 2010

Lainey, for wherever your holidays take you

Our lovely Lainey dress,
in gorgeous clara silk--
a shantung taffeta silk, hand-woven and hand-dyed
just for ses petites mains' tiny chic occasion dresses.
We can't say enough about Lainey...
The beautiful sapphire dress with
amethyst collar & striping through the skirt.
Dolman sleeve with jewel length cuff.
Inseam pockets for keeping treasures.
A sweet robins egg blue cotton lining in the skirt,
a hidden luxury that reveals itself when the
box-pleated skirt twirls with your little one.

But don't take our word for it, get one for yourself. 
You'll soon be singing Lainey's praises too!  

 Sizes 2t - 14, $140 - $152. 
Available through our online boutique, reserve yours
for delivery starting December 1, 2010.

04 November 2010

ses petites mains and EARTH tees

Ah, Mother Earth--I adore her. 
The movement, the seasons, the rhythms;
all of it -- she is the quintessential work of art.

So when I saw the EARTH tee by
the talented artist Philip Krohn,
well, I had to get my hands on them. 

Now, my little work of art can show her love
for her Mother...I mean Mother Earth.
And when you purchase a tee you are actually supporting
nonprofit groups that tend to Mother Earth. 

And there we are, right back from whence we came.

Get yours here....Available in youth sizes s, m, l.  $22
Made of imported organic cotton, printed in the USA.

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