30 June 2014

A summer's roadtrip. Fin.

Driving back to the Bay Area as we wound down our road trip, was a bit sad, as we did not want to leave.  Also,  a few of us (the 12 year-old sect) were not so thrilled to return to the backseat, for the ten hour drive from the coast to the Bay area.   

 The roadside sites & stops were all the more important to keep everyone happy. 

A farmstand, selling tons of gorgeous cherries, among other things, provided a very delicious and a summer-must reason for one stop.  

The 'other' things i.e. kangaroo jerky (really?!?) was not a reason, although we found the idea of it fascinating.  

A stop in Gold Hill, OR, provided a river with its own tiny beach--near the tressel train track bridge--for a hot afternoon's swim.  The water was FREEZING but somehow worth it.  And the intense heat dried us off, literally, in minutes.  

I wish I had a photo of the old school Dairy Queen that we visited too--with its original sign & Dilly bars on the menu, I was transported back to my youth & expected my sister to appear at the window to take my order.  

And finally, dinner called and we made our way to Ashland, OR a favorite spot of ours.  Although we didn't have time to indulge in the Shakespeare Festival, we did visit Lithia Springs & found this bold duck ready to befriend us.

And now, I'm back to work with loads of good Ses Petites Mains' developments to come,
and many rich holiday memories to savor.  

Enjoy your summer adventures wherever they take you!

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