21 June 2014

A summer's roadtrip (really!). Part two.

On our roadtrip from the Bay Area up to the coast of Oregon, we took a Tiny  detour to Mt Hood, which brought us to the beautiful, historic Timberline Lodge.   

Nestled upon the glacier peak, we enjoyed fondue while the snow came down & the winds howled.  I must admit that, at first, it was a bit difficult to get our heads around this summer night's dinner but once we did, we loved it.  Our only regret was that we didn't pack sleds to take advantage of the elements!

Personally, I am always in wide-eyed amazement at the treasure trove of Arts & Crafts that make up this tremendous lodge.  Built as part of FDR's WPA efforts during the Depression, the lodge, the paintings, the furniture, the artwork, everything, was created by those who needed work and clearly possessed a great deal of talent.  

Being more of a sun seeker, I was happy to gather us all up again, pack back into the car & make our way to the coast.  
Bye snow, it was tremendous but the surf calls!

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