31 May 2012

Time for a giveaway!

The Mini Social & ses petites mains
have teamed up to offer you the chance at winning --

a $20 gift card to the Mini Social or
our Gemma Blouse in Alyce dot (at left).

When you consider the great deals that
the Mini Social offers, $20 means a lot!
You may also care to note, that ses petites mains
has a few key items on sale their right now!
See them here...

Simply 'Like' the Mini Social's Facebook page
& ses petites mains' Facebook page.
We'll choose one winner from each page to win.

Didn't we tell you it paid to be our friend?!

Must "like' both pages to be included. 
Winner chosen at random on Monday June 4, 2012.  
Gemma blouse award limited to inventory on hand.

30 May 2012

ses petites mains on Pinterest

We loved seeing all the Pinterest in ses petites mains, here's a sampling...

What's your favorite pin?  Check them out here and let us know!

25 May 2012

here comes the weekend

nine tiny cakes for a birthday cake walk

Have a good weekend, hope it's complete with cake & walks & friends!

Happy Memorial Day, too!

we love our fans!

And, we love seeing how lucky our tiny chic clothes are!  
They end up being worn by the most darling little ones, 
having all sorts of adventures.

Take our Clara top & Maeve skirt, worn below by the very happy little girl on the swing.  
What better way to spend one's Saturday?

Thanks for sending, your gift card is on its way!

22 May 2012

Deia, paella & I.

A few years back, I took an idyllic trip to
the island of Mallorca and 
discovered that heaven truly does
reside on earth--
in the tiny seaside
Mediterranean town of Deia.  

That's me, on said trip, exploring the 
ancient village on my touring bike.  
Luckily, what the bike lacked in speed, 
was compensated in pure European panache.

Flash forward, and imagine my delight in happening across this article, last Sunday, 
featuring this tiny paella restaurant, perched along the cliffs.  The owner was insanely charming and loved everything about his paella--pans, rice, saffron.  The scents lured you in from far away.  I could have stayed forever, eating that delectable meal served in the sizzling pan.

And now that same tiny spot, the same one that enchanted me then, 
is making waves in the New York Times.

If only I could get on my bike and ride over right now...I would.  
You should, if you have any plans, to be anywhere near!

Read the full article here...

18 May 2012

Here comes the weekend

Ahhh, Friday.  
Sample sale, done.  
New sketches, done.  
New fabric review, done.  

Now, time to relax and meet up with friends, 
watch a jazz recital & enjoy the sun!

Maybe even attempt to catch a wave on the new surfboard 
my daughter and I worked on for Mother's Day.  

Enjoy your weekend & all it holds.  'Til next week.

16 May 2012

ready for our sample sale!

Stop by if you're in the neighborhood--
amazing deals on tiny chic clothing.

554 liberty st. in Noe Valley
San Francisco -- 415.533.1695
Hope to see you!

14 May 2012

A giveaway -- stop by & enter.

Stop by our studio Wednesday May 16 for our sample sale 
& enter a raffle to win our 
beautiful Fey shirt in dotted eyelet.

ses petites mains sample sale, 554 Liberty St. @ Noe in San Francisco
Email at boutique@sespetitesmains.com for more details.

Retail value $52. Sizes 2t -12 based on availability.

In the Bay Area, then join us for a sample sale!

10 May 2012

we love our fans

Here is another darling fan of ses petites mains, 
wearing her Gertrude dress.

She looks as happy, 
and as light, as our chiffon dots!  

Thank you so much for sharing, 
your gift card is on its way!  

08 May 2012

remembering Maurice Sendak

Thinking of Maurice Sendak, 
and all the literary gifts 
that he provided for my daughter over the years.

How she loved 'In the Night Kitchen'.  
I think back to the number of times that we read that book; 
how my daughter never tired of the very crazy, imaginative story.  
A tale of being baked inside a cake, sliding down milk bottles, 
all under the watchful gaze of the full moon.

The story, so rich in symbolism.  Full of meaning beyond a child's imagination.  
How rare a book that can intrigue both child & parent.

Thank you Maurice, for this and many others.

07 May 2012

we love our fans!

Oh Maria, how sweet you look!  

Thanks for sharing this darling photo, 
your gift card  to our tiny chic boutique is on it way.

in my neighborhood

We, at ses petites mains, are all about the 'small things.'  

So imagine how excited we were to discover this street art 
on a beautiful neighborhood walk yesterday...

Happy Monday!

04 May 2012

here comes the weekend

And I wish I had this gorgeous lace piece to wear to the certain something that I have this weekend.
Thanks to Chris O'Shea for the gorgeous photography.

Enjoy your weekend, and whatever you wear, to wherever you go!

02 May 2012

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