31 October 2014

Here comes the weekend!

happy halloween from ses petites mains!

Costumes of Halloween Past

This year my daughter and her friends organized a group effort for costumes, which meant that we didn't, GULP, make one together!  So enjoy this 'retrospective' of our costume collection from Halloweens Past--designed by Mother & Daughter.

Happy Halloween!

2003, Horton, the Elephant
2004, The 2nd year of Elephants, tusks this year!
2005, A Robot
2006, Dorothy, the Halloween Right of Passage
2007, the Flamenco Dancer & Patch-Eyed Pirate
2008, The Little Mermaid

The sweetest Bespoke Flower Girl dresses

We love a good wedding--the anticipation, the flowers, the toasts, the love 'in the air', the setting,--be it tiny chapel, grand cathedral, city hall or coastal vista--and of course, the dresses!
And when the event is full of Ses Petites Mains Flower Girl dresses, then we are over the moon! 

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Case in point--just look at these two sweet Flower Girls in their Cecelia dresses with contrast sash & Peony Blossoms.  The aisle was awash in sweet, fuscia silk sophistication, with shades of blue peony blossoms.  Job well done girls (and you too, Cecelia).

Let us help you with Flower Girl or Junior Bridesmaid dresses for your special day--email us at boutique@sespetitesmains.com to discuss your needs. 

28 October 2014

We love our fans!

This super sweet Tiny Chic customer has been populating our fan page lately, and we couldn't be happier.  She's everything Ses Petites Mains--she runs like a girl; she plays like a girl; & she dresses like a girl.

And truly precious in our Shirley dress in Alfresco Check.
Thanks for sharing!  

Send us a photo of your Tiny Chic little one
in her favorite Ses Petites Mains &
we'll send you a gift card to our
Tiny Chic Boutique.

A good reminder for us all.

What is not to love about every inch of this?!
The reminder to sing, dance & find enchantment in life;
in addition to the smiles, colors & textures of this photo.

 "In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed,
they would ask one of four questions:
When did you stop dancing?
When did you stop singing?
When did you stop being enchanted by stories?
When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?"

Gabrielle Roth

27 October 2014

Pre-order Edna & save 10%.

girls cardigan size 4, 6, 8, tween size 10, 12 & 14.  Ballet wrap, holiday cardigan, hip stylish girls clothing for tweens and girls

Pre-order your Edna Cardigan,
our essential ballet wrap, & save 10%.

Edna due to ship 11/15/14.
Enter Edna in comments,
discount taken time of processing.
Offer expires 11/1/14.

From the archives

We love discovering posts about Ses Petites Mains, and sometimes
amazed by the lovely ones that slip through the proverbial cracks.

Like this one, from the beautiful Les Petites Ailes.

As the review is in French, consider it a chance to
brush up on your language skills!

Or email us, and we'll walk you through it! :)

We have a winner!

tiny chic boutique, instagram, giveaway, girls clothing made in the usa, featured in babiekins magazine

Congratulations to Kelli Gill, 
the winner of our 
Instagram Giveaway--
a $30 Gift Card to our
Tiny Chic Boutique. 

She chose our Ses Petites Mains package as her favorite image, by the way, and now she can be looking forward to receiving one! 
Funny how it all works out, huh?!

25 October 2014

In the Bay Area, then join us for a Trunkshow, Sunday November 2, 2pm-5pm

holiday trunkshow, shopping in the bay area, sfmade, mos kiddos, panama hats for women and girls, organic clothing for women, girls and boys
Rsvp here, hope to see you there!

Here comes the weekend.

Happy Weekend.

Its raining here in the Bay Area, so we will be doing
indoor rainy things (for which we can't wait) like lighting fires,
setting up our movie projector to watch movies on the wall,
carving pumpkins, pondering root vegetables (in the video below)
and dropping by sweet new shops like
Metier's new jewel box storefront in Hayes Valley.

Enjoy yours, whereever it takes you!

23 October 2014

TBT, photos from the archives, by Ericka McConnell

Its a Throwback Thursday around here.

Enjoy these amazing images featuring
our Stella Blouse in Confetti Dot,
our Betty Shirtwaist in Sparkle Seersucker.  

Makes me want to wanderlust over to the park and hang out for a spell!

Flicka with or without fur!

Flicka dress photo by Ericka McConnell, girls dress for special occasion size 4t,6,8,10,12 & tweens sizes 14, featured in Babiekins Magazine

Our Flicka dress,
looking quite cozy under the
furry vest.  And the birthday hat is pretty fabulous too.
We want to go whereever
she is going!

Thanks Ericka McConnell for the gorgeous image!

22 October 2014

The Duchess of Dresses, our Cecelia dress in Bobo Stripe

We are loving these test shots of our  Cecelia dress in Bobo Stripe on this lovely model.  

And as this dress has been loved by all this season, (aka flying off the rack!) we think its quite like the Duchess of all Dresses--everyone loves her & she looks great with a crown!

We love our fans!

Our Gertrude dress, a strand of pearls,
patent leather mary janes, a cozy cardigan
& a long stemmed rose--
can't think of a sweeter outfit!

Thanks for sharing!  

Send us a photo of your Tiny Chic little one
in her favorite Ses Petites Mains &
we'll send you a gift card to our
Tiny Chic Boutique.

20 October 2014

Thanks to Jeff Tweedy

I was so lucky to see & hear Jeff Tweedy perform new music, with his very own son on drums, just a couple weekends ago, under the blue skies of San Francisco's Indian Summer, at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass.  And in his awesomeness, he performed California Stars for the all Wilco fans who were just hoping that he would --

Enjoy this performance with the great Billy Bragg.

Giveaway Monday!

You could win a $30 gift card to our 
Tiny Chic Boutique,

simply by

1. Leaving your email address
2. Telling us which

image you like most,
from our selection above.
Get started here...
Winner chosen at random and
announced on Friday October 24, 2014.

16 October 2014

We love our Giants!!

sf giants, sfmade, world series 2014, ses petites mains happily made in san francisco
We are both happily made in San Francisco &
Ses Petites Mains is with you every step of the way. 

World Series 2014, here we come!

God Only Knows

A light little something for a Thursday morning, a Throwback Thursday of sorts. 

Classic Beach Boy song, God Only Knows,
covered by just about every favorite artist of mine--
The Beach Boy, himself; Chrissie Hynde;
Stevie Wonder; Elton John, Dave Grohl; Florence;
Chris Martin and more. 

13 October 2014

Our Saturday, in pictures.

Finally getting around to planting our succulent box aka the Dewey Decimal library filing drawer we found at the flea market a few months back.

From the patio area of the Exploratorium, we watched the Blue Angels soar (and scream!) over San Francisco and just miss (or so it appeared that way!) Coit Tower.  Their 'track marks' littered the perfectly clear October sky.

My daughter experiencing the Mood Light at the Exploratorium.  It was not UNlike a very quiet, contained Grateful Dead show!

Oh, to drink from the toilet--
I couldn't bring myself to do it, dear Exploratorium!

How long are legs are, thanks Exploratorium! 
I also like how the mirror shows off my daughters sparkly jellies and mismatched socks!

I loved this--a seasonal color wheel of produce from the Bay Area.  As beautiful to see as it is to experience all that wonderful produce!

10 October 2014

October must be the new June...

...because we are creating flowergirl dresses for wedding after wedding after wedding--and we love it! 

Here's a sneak peek at another Bespoke Flowergirl dress, our Cecelia dress in fuschia tissue silk with the pop-iest turquoise silk tie.  

The aisle has not known such lovelieness!  


09 October 2014

I'll follow the sun!

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We loved creating this silk sunflower hair pin &
waist corsage for a special flower girl.  

Our Gertrude dress, in Clip Dot was the perfect
complement to all the sweet detail.

Contact us for help with you special event,
we'd love to help!

06 October 2014

Ses Petites Mains & Yelp.


You know what they say, if you dont have something nice to say, then...

Appears as though that is what is happening on Yelp--we have been so honored to receive so many lovely reviews.  

Care to help get us some more?  If you love us, will you let others know?...leave a review on Yelp and help Ses Petites Mains get the word out to more about our Tiny Chic Clothing.  We'd love it, if you would. 

See what others have to say here & leave your own thoughts.

Many thanks!

05 October 2014

Shop & Support your School with Ses Petites Mains

Get your school involved!
Email contact@sespetitesmains.com to get your school set up
& your community involved.  
Who doesn't want to jump for joy?!

02 October 2014

Shop & 'Support your School' with Ses Petites Mains

Sign up your school for our 'Support your School"
online shopping day.
Ses Petites Mains will donate 20% to the school of your choice.

Email contact@sespetitesmains.com to get your school involved.

01 October 2014

Wednesday and the flu is here

While I ride out the sniffles & exhaustion,
I thought it would be nice to leave a few
read-worthy bits & inspiring images to keep
you busy til I return, healthy & energized!

On Mothering sans Judgment, from the lovely
 Design for the Minikind 

On the complexities of Tweens and their ever-changing moods, from Rachel Veil from the Huffington Post.

This most inspired article from TMagazine regarding designer Stephan Jansen (I'm fully obsessed with his covetable sewing room below).

Tmagazine, Stephan Janson, design inspiration, new york times sunday paper,
The sewing room of Stephan Janson

How gorgeous are these pattern & colors of Dries Van Noten's Spring collection--love them.

The clogs of Paris' Kerstin Adolphon would be a
dream for my daughter--
must go see on our next visit to Paris.

paris shopping, clogs, girls favorite shoes

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