30 September 2011

an afternoon with Leader Pelosi

Today was a most inspired day. I, as the owner of ses petites mains, 
was invited to take part in a roundtable discussion with 
Leader Nancy Pelosi.  

love my coaster!
Sitting around the table with twelve other small business owners, 
all incredibly varied in their mission, I shared my experience of manufacturing apparel in San Francisco--the rewards & the challenges,  for which there are many.  

With the incredible variety of businesses involved, I was struck by the similarity of  issues in running a small business in this current, economic environment.  Issues related to obtaining credit; having the ability to hire; maintaining and growing a client base were repeated themes. 

And as we each spoke and shared our experiences, it was with enormous care and attention that Leader Pelosi documented the details and then spoke to our specific concerns.  I left the meeting with a tremendously optimistic feeling--that our government is truly working to understand the issues involved in al of our struggles and, in full support of small business.      

I look forward to further discussions about how small business can gain access to capital; increase their hiring opportunties and in so, help to drive our economy in the right direction.

Again, I thank the tremendously supportive 
Allison Kelly, Kendra Ott & Chase Adams,  all of  PCV
for including ses petites mains in such an opportunity. 

29 September 2011

a very full day!

In the midst of last minute preparations for the 
Spring 2012 show in nyc 
finalizing all production on our beautiful holiday dress delivery, 
I received an invitation to meet the Honorable Nancy Pelosi.  

Today, of all days.  
Add one more thing to my to-do list...
well, for this yes.  

I feel a little like Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith goes to Washington.  
But maybe more like 
Beth M goes to Federal Building.

I've gathered my thoughts on all things related to small business--
the biggest issues facing the small business community & 
highlighted my ideas on how to  
promote new jobs and increase innovation. 

I'm honored, and nervous and really needing to get ready...
so stay tuned for more details.

23 September 2011

ses petites mains & USA Today...

 for covering our story on the 
Garden Party Collection for Spring 2012...read it here.

For more information on our spring 2012 collection, 
contact 415.533.1695 or sales@sespetitesmains.com

22 September 2011

Booth 9036, Children's Club October 2 -4.

We look forward to showing you our Garden Party Collection.  
Look for ses petites mains in 
Booth 9036 
October 2 -4,  2011 
the Javits Center, nyc  

To schedule an appointment or request linesheets, 
contact 415.533.1695 or 

Martha Stewart Wedding & Greta

We can't wait to see Greta in the Winter 2011 issue of 
Martha Stewart Wedding.  Stay tuned!

20 September 2011

children's club, october 2 - 4 nyc

Don't be shy, stop by and see our 
spring2012 collection, Garden Party
October 2 - 4 at the Children's Club
the Javits Center in NYC.  

Contact us at 415.533.1695 or sales@sespetitesmains.com for a 
linesheet or to schedule an appointment.

19 September 2011

Inspiration above the clouds

Last weekend, an unexpected trip left me with little time to plan-- I raced to the airport, grabbed the latest issue of Vogue, a fresh cup of coffee and claimed my seat.  In the 40 minutes it took to reach my destination, I found these inspiring pieces.  

Enjoy my Vogue Fall fashion wish list, 
this is a wish list, 
I'm going for it, even if my budget can't!).

A lover of handbags, that I am, this one is a must!
I love the texture, the closure, the straps--everything.

Valentino's gorgeous handbag

When life requires just a bit more dazzle, 
these are perfect.  I can imagine them, 
giving my favorite jeans a cool, casual elegance.
Miu Miu's sparkle pumps 

I love the double-take effect that these Prada boots offer.
Prada's slightly quirky Mary Jane boots.

Nothing like a neat ponytail & a classic camel coat-- the details on 
this one are tremendous.
More Valentino...

Ah Cartier, what can I say that this picture doesn't?

A McQueen work of art, so ethereal.
Beautiful McQueen

And, finally, the Picasso.  
Reminds me of how lucky I was to see the 
de Young Museum collection of Pablo's 
work just last week.
Le Sauvetage

we love our fans!

When customers email us photos of their children, 
happily wearing ses petites mains, 
we experience the same giddiness that one used to feel 
when a handwritten letter arrived--
with a European postmark.  

And then, if the picture is as beautiful as this one, 
well, the giddiness is immeasurable.

We love how she wears her Gertrude dress over leggings 
and ties the belt to the back.  
It makes us want to skip, just looking at her.

Thank you for sharing, your gift certificate is on its way!

14 September 2011

A Private Sale

Enjoy a little extra savings during our Private Sale

Take an additional 20% off already reduced Kat & Marta.
In twinking jersey (above left) or clovelly stripe (at above right)

Shop our tiny chic boutique & enter code 
'martakat' at checkout.

12 September 2011

PCV's Small Business Showcase

Feeling 'watched over' by the art
Today, I had the pleasure of exhibiting at 
Pacific Community Venture's Annual Small Business Showcase, at UCSF's Mission Bay Conference Center.

We packed up our dress form--sweetly adorned in one of our 'best sellers'.  We took lookbooks of upcoming, present & past collections;  pressbooks; and tons of our photography to help give a taste of what it is we do at ses petites mains.

We also didn't forget to pack a tiny chic package that we presented to California's Lieutenant Governor, and San Francisco's recent Mayor, Gavin Newsom.   He enthusiastically accepted and ensured us that his nearly 2 year-old daughter will happily wear it to one of their many 'social engagements'.

A day like today, makes me feel so proud that we have five years of tiny chic clothing to share.  And that we work, against many odds, to continue to support our local community and produce our collection--every last style--right here, in San Francisco.  

As we navigate through our Spring2012 selling season, I'm so encouraged and feel so supported by the business community around ses petites mains.  I extend a special thanks to Kendra Ott and Chase Adam--both of PCV--for their help & attention.

Learn more about Pacific Community Ventures here...

11 September 2011

we love our fans!

How excited were we to receive this image of 
one of our tiny chic customers.     
She definitely looks ready to take on her new school year--
book bag packed and picture-perfect in her edna cardigan 
and maeve skirt.  

Thank you for sharing your back-to-school with us, your 
gift certificate is on its way!

08 September 2011

vena cava spring 2012, yes, please!

Something to love from the spring 2012 runway shows.  
Vena Cava, always a favorite of mine, but this dress, ahhhh, I adore.   

02 September 2011

spring 2012, getting rave reviews from Tina Barry

For details on ses petites mains wholesale, contact us.

in the studio

We, at ses petites mains, are crazy for Brittany.  
She does everything--
whether its press, sales, samples or making a model smile, 
She handles it all.  And always, with a huge smile, herself.

Thanks Brittany, we love having you at ses petites mains.

01 September 2011

happy birthday to me.

Not my most recent photo, but a favorite memory of my childhood.  
Loved this day, lots of family and our cousin who was 
working as a photographer, 
took a bunch of candid family photos.  

Just happened to have on the dress of my dreams, that day too.  
Easy striped knit dress with a breast pocket that had the 
stripe running vertically.  
Wow, I loved it.

All birthday wishes left as comments receive a 
gift certificate to our boutique.  Don't forget to leave your email address!

Its my birthday, but we should all benefit, don't you think?

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