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25 October 2014

Here comes the weekend.

Happy Weekend.

Its raining here in the Bay Area, so we will be doing
indoor rainy things (for which we can't wait) like lighting fires,
setting up our movie projector to watch movies on the wall,
carving pumpkins, pondering root vegetables (in the video below)
and dropping by sweet new shops like
Metier's new jewel box storefront in Hayes Valley.

Enjoy yours, whereever it takes you!

23 October 2014

TBT, photos from the archives, by Ericka McConnell

Its a Throwback Thursday around here.

Enjoy these amazing images featuring
our Stella Blouse in Confetti Dot,
our Betty Shirtwaist in Sparkle Seersucker.  

Makes me want to wanderlust over to the park and hang out for a spell!

Flicka with or without fur!

Flicka dress photo by Ericka McConnell, girls dress for special occasion size 4t,6,8,10,12 & tweens sizes 14, featured in Babiekins Magazine

Our Flicka dress,
looking quite cozy under the
furry vest.  And the birthday hat is pretty fabulous too.
We want to go whereever
she is going!

Thanks Ericka McConnell for the gorgeous image!

22 October 2014

The Duchess of Dresses, our Cecelia dress in Bobo Stripe

We are loving these test shots of our  Cecelia dress in Bobo Stripe on this lovely model.  

And as this dress has been loved by all this season, (aka flying off the rack!) we think its quite like the Duchess of all Dresses--everyone loves her & she looks great with a crown!

We love our fans!

Our Gertrude dress, a strand of pearls,
patent leather mary janes, a cozy cardigan
& a long stemmed rose--
can't think of a sweeter outfit!

Thanks for sharing!  

Send us a photo of your Tiny Chic little one
in her favorite Ses Petites Mains &
we'll send you a gift card to our
Tiny Chic Boutique.

20 October 2014

Thanks to Jeff Tweedy

I was so lucky to see & hear Jeff Tweedy perform new music, with his very own son on drums, just a couple weekends ago, under the blue skies of San Francisco's Indian Summer, at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass.  And in his awesomeness, he performed California Stars for the all Wilco fans who were just hoping that he would --

Enjoy this performance with the great Billy Bragg.

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