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18 September 2014

What our End of Summer Savings really looks like!

end of summer sale on girls clothing, handmade in San francisco by Ses Petites Mains, made in America

 See these and more styles at our End of Summer Savings...enter 'endofsummer' for additional savings. 
Ends the last day of summer--September 21, 2014.

12 September 2014

Here comes the weekend.

Enjoy yours, I plan to do the same!

Panama Hats made just for Ses Petites Mains

We are thrilled to introduce our Tiny Chic Collection of
Panama hats, for Tweens & Moms, handmade for Ses Petites Mains, in Ecuador. 
In classic & modern shapes, with clean brims and bound brims, there is a shape & color for everyone.Panama hats for girls & tweens, handmade in Ecuador

And as we love these hats and their beautiful, rich textures, we were curious as to why, a hat made in Ecuador, is referred to as a "Panama".  So with a bit of research, we discovered that the origins of the name "Panama hat" came from when, in 1904, Teddy Roosevelt, President at the time, travelled to Panama to observe the engineering feat of the Panama Canal.  He also discovered the smart hats that the workers wore & adopted one himself. Photographer on this trip in his chic topper, the hat becoming commonly referred to as the "Panama hat", its Ecuadorian roots  were lost along the way.

History aside, we think that they are the perfect accessory to our Tiny Chic Clothing, in colors & styles your Tween will love.  So chic they are, we even added a few for Mom. 

History in the making, you'll be, in your new chapeau.

Panama hats for women & girls, handmade in Ecuador

Shop our Tiny Chic Boutique for Tween & Women's sizes & styles.

09 September 2014

Congratulations to the Duchess

Congratulations to Kate Middleton--the world's most beloved Duchess--on the news of her pregnancy.  

Our fingers are crossed for a healthy, Tiny Chic Princess.  Something tells me we might have just the thing for her welcoming gift!

08 September 2014

We love our Fans!

We received these amazing photos of our Cecelia and Rose dresses,
dancing the night away,
thanks to these darling sisters. 

We love the life that our dresses lead--
how lucky are our Ses Petites Mains pieces?!  

Thank you for sending, your gift card is on its way!

Send us your photo of your Tiny Chic little one in her Ses Petites Mains and we'll post it and send you a gift card to our Tiny Chic Boutique. 
It really pays to be a Fan!

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