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30 March 2015

Free Shipping All Week--get hopping!

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26 March 2015

Make it a Hoppy Spring...

 Spring holidays without Ses Petites Mains, is like an Egg Hunt without the Easter Bunny. 

Don't Let it happen!

25 March 2015

Adora, Hello Shiso, & Strawberries

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You may not want to eat Strawberries when you are wearing your Winter White Adora Dress, but you certainly would want to wear them, if they are this cute!  

Thanks to Hello Shiso for these amazing images (we see a certain kind'a Kewpie Doll charm--the hands, the expression).  Tiny Chic dresses and super sweet accessories, a match the Bay Area.  

And both Ses Petites Mains & Hello Shiso are available at 
Bella Vita Home.  Now isn't that convenient?

20 March 2015

Panama Hats, in-store, thanks to Teddy Roosevelt!

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A new shipment of Panama Hats are in-store, right in time for the first day of Spring.  
 The Panama straw hat, is right on-trend with what you want to wear today.  Classic styling, comfort and protection from UV Rays make the Panama an easy choice.  Just think how Chic you will look, seeking shade from sun; or kindly hiding your bad-hair day.

We also love the history of the Panama.  It was Teddy Roosevelt who gave wide-spread fame to the Panama hat when he first visited the construction site of the Panama Canal in the early 1900's.  President Roosevelt sported the hat worn by canal workers which quickly became referred to as the “Panama hats” even though the hat's true origin was Ecuadorian. 
So whether you are enjoying an outdoor brunch with friends this summer, or working your next “big infrastructure” project in your backyard, do like Teddy: don one of these marvelous woven hats from the Andes. 
See our selection of Panama Hats below...

       panama hats, teddy roosevelt, ecuador, spring 2015, women's accessories, straw hat, fedora,


19 March 2015

Sweeter than the jelly beans!

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'Get Your Bunny On' with our Tiny Chic dresses 
and the whimsical accessories from 
our friends over at Hello Shiso.  

Hair Clips pinned to a curl or worn at your waist--
either way, they are sweeter than all the candy 
in your basket and better for you too!

Are you Egg-hunt Ready?

easter dress, easter holiday dresses, tween dresses, girls dresses, girls accessories, spring holiday dresses, hello shiso, featured in Babiekins Magazine

We can help with our Tiny Chic dresses and the whimsical accessories from Hello Shiso.  

In your hair, or at your waist, you can't really lose.  

So what are you waiting for--
Get Your Bunny On!

from left to right, Cecelia dress in Tiddly Wink Dots (in Girl & Tween sizes) & Prudence Dress in Mae denim with Fringe Trim; both with the 'Cottontail' ponytail holder & Bunny Ear Headband from Hello Shiso.

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