30 January 2013

Shop our Sample Sale, online!

We are so excited to offer our online sample sale to our loyal fans! 
Shop & save, amazing deals, up to 70% off on amazing Tiny Chic Clothing.  
We have sections based on sizes in-stock, to make your
shopping experience, all the more successful! 

No diving through bins -- just clicking through menus, ahh!  

Need something special?  
Email or call 415.533.1695--we can help with styles and sizes.  

Enjoy & shop soon, savings like these won't last.

24 January 2013

A Valentine Gift from Ses Petites Mains

I'm not a big believer in giving gifts for every Hallmark holiday that rolls around. 
Goodness knows that the giving would never end...
did you realize that there is a Tax Day holiday card--really!?

But I am struck by a Valentine's memory from my childhood,
where the Hallmark occasion-inspired gift couldn't have been more perfect. 

My mom, giving in so many ways, was not a huge gift giver on
non-birthday/Christmas occasions. 
So whatever prompted her unusually sentimental gesture on
the Valentine's Day of my 5th grade, is not clear. 

But, what presented itself was the chicest
(if my memory serves me correctly, some 30 some years later!)
red and white striped, long sleeved tee--perfect in on so many ways.  

The youngest child of seven, I was more accustomed to hand-me downs, instead of my very own, holiday-specific, kind-of-French-inspired tee!  My elation still warms my heart, to this day.

So, we at Ses Petites Mains, believe in gifting special-somethings, for that special, little someone--especially when she is least expecting it!  

We have our own Valentine's treat--
our Cecelia Dress & Peony blossom--
our sweetest shape, with an added Valentine Day blossom,
better than roses, as this one never fades. 

Order yours, just in time for Valentine's Day.  Who knows, if history tells us anything, she could be talking about this dress for many years to come!

Tiny Chic Happenings...

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Promotions, Give-aways--whatever we have going on, you'll find it here.

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23 January 2013

Our Giveaway, is still Getable--Chloe

"Like" our Facebook page, leave a comment & you might win your own Chloe Dress!
Our classic shape, with delicate stitched pleats, wonderful textured cotton swiss dot fabric, extended cap sleeve--Chloe is all things lovely, in one little dress!

Winner chosen at random from comments submitted, Friday January 25, 2013. 
Sizes 2t-10, based on availability.

Email boutique@sespetitesmains.com with any questions.

22 January 2013

We love our fans!

A favorite Ses Petites Mains' model &
wonderful supporter of our brand,
sent us these photos of her, in her favorite, tiny chic items.
Edna cardigan in ruby

Gertrude dress in chiffon dots

She wears them very well, wouldn't you say!

Thanks for the lovely images!!!

21 January 2013

Gotta love a giveaway!

"Like" our Facebook page, leave a comment & you might win!
Winner chosen at random from comments submitted, Friday January 25, 2013

Email boutique@sespetitesmains.com with any questions.

18 January 2013

Here comes the weekend.

And what a weekend it is, an inauguration & a day to remember.  All rolled into one! 

Congratulations to President Obama &
thank you, to the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.,

Bags, glorious bags!

Mochila bags, each one, unique in design & colorway
How gorgeous are these bags?  I can't stop looking at them, myself. 
The designs, the colors, the craft--
a breathtaking assemblage, I must say. 

These Mochila bags are hand crotcheted by a group of women,
in a remote, mountain village of Columbia.   

My love grows even stronger.  

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am all about 'making things'.  And when I think of the women, coming together to create a beautifully-made product, who's eventual sale, promotes the livelihood of those  very same women--fueling the process, again & again.  Who doesn't want to 'make' that happen? 

And its even better, because just imagine how chic you'll look with one of these slung over your shoulder. 

I expect to have this one (at right w/ the orange & chocolate designs) with me very soon. 

If, you too are enchanted by these, just email us and we'll connect you with their rep!
a perfect ballet bag for my daughter!
one of these will make a gift for a very dear friend

Lovely Gertie!

A beautiful Junior Bridesmaid in our Gertie Dress...
see our full collection of Flower Girl & Junior Bridesmaid dresses here...

For help, planning your wedding,
please email us at boutique@sespetitesmains.com.

09 January 2013

Pinterest-ing Style

So much inspiring women's design these days. 
We captured some particularly wonderful pieces here,
check out our Pinterest board.
Follow, if you like.

07 January 2013

Oh so necessary...

...but not the least bit evil.


Shop www.sespetitesmains.com & get your
Tiny Chic Necessities!

Sleepover by Molly Segal

I don't know about your house, but in mine, sleepovers are requested on a weekly basis.  

The lure of the staying up late, bedtime routines ignored, for one night.  
Eating popcorn, while snug in sleeping bags, in front of the telie--
its pretty close to heaven-on-earth, as far as my daughter is concerned.

And then this past Friday, I discovered Molly Segal's art--and I loved it immediately.  
This one painting in particular, Sleepover 2. 

Girls huddled together in secret whispers, planning their evenings events.  
The swirl of water color and bleeding lines; the composition--
I loved everything about it.

And this Sleepover is even more exciting to me than the real deal.
I can enjoy it without the built-in exhaustion that comes
from giggling girls, staying up all night.

Thank you, Molly Segal.

Molly Segal's art at FM Gallery in Oakland--see it if you can!

06 January 2013

Savings extended through January 11!

www.sespetitesmains.com for storewide savings, enter '2013' at checkout and save 40%
Bespoke Collection not included in sale

04 January 2013

Here comes the weekend

Oh, the week is winding down. 
How can a short one feel so long?  
Anyway, as I train myself back into
full post-holiday weeks, 
I'm already dreaming of the weekend and 
looking forward to exploring some of these captivating
exhibits at Art Murmur in Oakland.  

Enjoy where ever your weekend takes you...till next week!

ps don't forget our New Years Sale is still on!

Still time for deals!

So much Pinterest!

We love seeing what people Pin from our collections...
care to follow our boards, just click here...

03 January 2013

It's engagement season!!

Did you know that?  

Yes, from Thanksgiving through
Valentine's Day,
more couples will make the commitment
to marrythan any other time of the year. 

And that means, they'll need the perfect dresses for all their pretty little attendants. 

And that is exactly where Ses Petites Mains comes in...visit our Wedding section, find a dress or let us make one just for your day from
our Bespoke Collection.  

Just getting your ideas together? 
Join our mailing list, & keep up to date
with all things tiny & chic. 

Ses Petites Mains, we will get you to the
church on time & in tiny chic style.

Ses Petites Mains..."clothes to fall in love with"

Thanks, Red Tricycle, "
...clothes to fall in love with"...
we're glad you think so!

See our complete collection of Special Occasion dresses--
for every occasion!--at www.sespetitesmains.com.

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