31 October 2011

Happy Halloween Part II

Our polka dotted pumpkin, just right for the season!

Happy Halloween!

80 degrees in San Francisco does not make
for the perfect pumpkin display.

See our jack-o-lanterns in their various Halloween stages.  
We never dreamed we were capable of creating such horror!

freshly carved jack-o-lanterns.


Hope your Halloween is as scary as these look!

Happy Halloween! 

28 October 2011

holiday dresses, ready to ship

 edna cardigan in grape barre knit
& zelda dress in sapphire clara silk 

Here's a sneak peak of our 
holiday dress delivery...

Makes us feel festive
just looking at them.  

edna cardigan in sheer lilac/grey striped jersey
& zelda dress in pavement dots
For details on how to get one for your 
tiny chic jeune fille
email us at 

24 October 2011

Its that time of year...

And we have the special dress, for whatever the need!  

Order yours now, 
and your little one will be dressed in time 
for Thanksgiving dinner.

Gertie, in tissue silk w/ striped organza overskirt.

Sophia, in Clara Silk with a fringe hem.
Visit our tiny chic boutique and see our full collection 
of special occasion pieces.  
Email us with questions, we can offer color options to 
meet your very special needs.

photos by Chris O'shea.

14 October 2011

here comes the weekend

Happy Birthday to our most beloved, Boris.
Enjoy some cake or other
birthday-like splurge this weekend.

12 October 2011

we love our fans!

We recently received this lovely photo from a tiny chic fan...
pool side and barefoot in her Betty Shirtwaist.  
She is the picture of summer and we are thrilled 
that she chose ses petites mains.

And just for being so cute, she gets a gift certificate to our 
tiny chic boutique.

11 October 2011

Outstanding Emma

Tina Barry had this to say 
about our Emma Shirtwaist...

"Outstanding Piece: 
Nostalgic details such as the ruffle-edged collar, 
generous skirt and just the right colors add up to a dress that's easy to love."

Read Tina's full write up here...

For wholesale information on Emma
and other spring2012 pieces,
contact sales@sespetitesmains.com.

07 October 2011

here comes the weekend

A fews weekends ago, we happened upon Ocean Beach which I find to be ridiculously dramatic--for the tide, the cliffs and, the typically, very foggy weather.

And this day, lived up to expectation.  But the little ones still threw themselves into the surf, clothes and all, just like any other day at the sea.  And as they swam, the most remarkable bit of art was being created behind them, just to the reaches of the tide.

Andres Amador, an artist known for his impermanent sand designs, which can cover enormous swatches of beach, was creating a marriage proposal request in the sand below the cliffs.  It was amazing to watch him, so calmly sculpt the sand, with his rake, as the tide skimmed right up to the edges.  A few times, the tide would erase a piece here and there, only to have Andres re-sculpt the edge.

I felt like we had been privy to one of nature's magical creations.  And also part of some couple's very romantic afternoon.

Thanks Andres, it was lovely to see.  Hope you all enjoy something magical this weekend, too.

See more of his work here...

05 October 2011

New York in the spring!

Or better, the spring2012 market in New York City.  I do love it--
and last weekend's show at the Javit's Center, 
lived up to my expectations.
Hanging in Booth 9036 while the Adora &
Cecelia dresses stand guard.

 Our booth was packed with sweet new styles;  classic pieces that we can't yet retire; beautiful, sweet props and
a new face--Anna-Lisa Froman.   
Me & Anna-Lisa Froman (at right)

Known in the industry for her work with IMagnin, Smythson, 
Banana Republic, Baby Gap & Marco Bicego, we are thrilled to have Anna-Lisa's contribution.  

She possesses a wealth of experience with department & speciality stores, as well as a keen strategic mind.    She is supremely smart, outrageously funny & incredibly elegant--which is not lost 
on our tiny chic sensibilities!

We met with loads of stores--big, small, new & old.  We put together stories for each that expressed ses petites mains' spring 2012 Garden Party collection in the best light for each store's unique flavor.

Here's to 
ses petites mains 
spring 2012 collection 
& New York.  
If we can make it there...well, you know the rest!  

Enjoy some other sights from our booth...

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