02 July 2012

Anna-Lisa Froman

In loving memory of our friend Anna-Lisa Froman, who passed away last Wednesday.  
A woman who possessed an enormous talent for all things 
related to product development, merchandising and design.

Lovely, quirky, funny, smart, chic, elegant, loving, loved--
all come to mind when we think of Anna-Lisa.

A loving wife, mother, sister & tremendous friend--her presence is sorely missed.
It is with a heavy heart, that we return to our studio this morning.  


  1. She would have preferred a great espresso!! Thank you for your sweet thoughts.

  2. "I have measured out my life with coffee spoons" T.S. Eliot
    Thank you dear friend of my sister.
    Pamela Sherlock

  3. I am coming to this posting so late, but I miss Anna-Lisa so much still, and need little 'hits' of memories from time to time which led me to your blog. I was lucky enough to call her a colleague, a mentor and above all a friend. She inspired me and enriched my life.

    1. I'm glad that you found our memory of Anna Lisa. I know you aren't alone in your need for little 'hits' of her being. She is dearly missed by many, myself included. Thanks for leaving your note.


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