09 June 2014

Design Room Staples--tape, twine & Ecover.

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People are always asking me if they can
really get our
Cecelia dress
Flower girl dresses | Jr. bridesmaids dresses | bridal party | bespoke | bridesmaid dresses girls | party dresses girls | bespoke dresses girls | made to order dressesor our sweetest Gemma top
 in the crisp
white Alyce Dot;
or our Gertrude Dress
in our white Bubble Eyelet.  

And the answer is ALWAYS a resounding "Yes!", mostly because of Ecover's remarkable stain remover, aptly named, "Stain Remover"

It takes out everything--dirt, chocolate, even berries, of every variety. 

Trust me, we've enjoyed them and little fingers have cleaned themselves on these fabrics right in front of my very eyes.  And I take it all in stride, because I know, its all good. 

Right next to my tape measure and somewhere beside the baker's twine, is my studio stash of the miracle
Stain Remover.  

So yes, shop away and don't stay away from the beautiful, floaty whites and delicate shades of Ses Petites Mains.  We've got you covered...or shall we say Ecover-ed. 

P.s. did you notice the sweet color story they all make, in their shades of pink & red--I swear I didn't plan that! 

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