29 June 2012

here comes the weekend

Time to hold hands with those you love and just hold on.

photo by Lisa Lefkowitz
at the Little House on the Hill

26 June 2012

Thinking of Annalisa

Today we celebrate Annalisa, one of our all-time 
best-selling dresses.
Chic, smart & classic. 
Named for a dear friend who embodies 
all those same qualities!

Everyone loves Annalisa...don't you agree?!

Its here--our Sidewalk Sale!

Tuesday June 26 - Friday June 29

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20 June 2012

summer dresses

emma in alyce dot

ruby in picnic plaid

louise in floral swirls

Find yours at our tiny chic boutique.

19 June 2012

a sneak peak at our sidewalk sale...

Tons of great styles, and here are just a few...

Don't forget to shop our tiny chic boutique 
Tuesday, June 26 - Friday, June29 
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the deal of the day!

Our Imogen Tide pant, classic denim capri length pant, 
with tabs at waist & cuff...perfect for strolls along the shore.  

$18 too, that makes them absolutely the best pant of the season!

Find your pair at our tiny chic boutique.

We love our fans!

A new fan, so darling in our Annalisa dress, in lolli flower print, 
a favorite from spring2010.

Thanks for sharing, your gift card is on its way!

18 June 2012

Getting ready for our annual ONLINE 'sidewalk sale'!

Shop our Tiny Chic Boutique -- where the sidewalk meets the internet!
Tuesday June 26 - Friday June 29.  
Free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

Email us with questions!

16 June 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day--
To all the Dads who make it look so easy.  
Who make us laugh more than we thought was possible.
Who make us feel safe just by being close.

And to those who carry way more than their fair share.  

Where would we be without you!  

13 June 2012

We're easy to "Like"

"Like" our page and leave a comment and you might win...
winner announced Monday June 18, 
check back to see if you've won!

12 June 2012

a summer giveaway.

Its gorgeous here in San Francisco.  So warm, so sunny, 
definitely a treat for us more used to the fog & wind than sun & warmth!

And with the warmth, we are feeling, oh, so generous.  
Which leads me to our Summer Dress giveaway.

Our Chloe Dress in sienna crinkled hoops.  
Simply 'Like' our Facebook page & leave a comment 
as to where your little one would wear her Chloe Dress.  

Already "Like' our page, then just leave your comment.

Winner chosen at random Monday June 18, so check back & see if you've won...
size based on available inventory.

its been quiet here (blog), but not here (studio)

Ah, the lazy days of summer.  But where does that really occur?  

Summer in my life means winding down a school year with many, 
many year end activities.
(How lovely to see my daughter in all her glory!?)

Summer, or the 'Wedding season' means our Bespoke Dresses are in wild demand.
(How lovely to see our dresses in all their glory?!)

Summer, means oh so many things, and I love them all. 
So please excuse the quietness of our blog & enjoy some of what has kept us off-line!

My daughter's 4th grade class, traveled to the gorgeous Fort Ross, 
perched on the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean a couple hours North of San Francisco.  

 Her class (and parent chaperones, myself included) had to reinact life, 
for 36 hours, as it was in 1812 with 

In full costume, by candlelight, we experienced life as one of many 
in the community of the Fort.  That's me, fourth from the left, as a French Diplomat.  

We even danced the troika!  
That's my daughter in my favorite Matta dress (makes for a good 1800's costume, I think!)

Here's to the lazy summer days, I just hope I have one soon--or not!

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