28 December 2013

20 December 2013

Cecelia, our dress of the day & new best seller

Not hard to see why...we love Cecelia,
her double ruffle collar,
sweetest sleeve and
graceful skirt. 

And don't foget the delightful textured tie.

Best-seller, easy to see why.

15 December 2013

A Christmas treat!

We love love love this & wanted to share...see if you agree!
Happy Holidays from Ses Petites Mains.

12 December 2013

we love our fans!

This beautiful fan,
in her Clara Top,
popped up on
Instagram today. 

Its like a little
present to us!

Enjoy & your gift card
is en route.

Thanks & Happy Holidays 
from Ses Petites Mains. 

Holiday Charm--Rose.

Rose, perfect for any holiday occasion.

10 December 2013

Ses Petites Mains Holiday Events

We are excited to be taking part in some local benefit fundraisers. 
Its the spirit of the holidays and our way of saying thanks
to groups that support women & children.

Visit our Facebook page to see the dates & times.  Email us with any questions. 

Happy Holidays!

Rose & Dahlia, they'll make your week!

Our Outfit of the Week--
Purchase your Rose  & Dahlia by Friday December 13, 2013 & save!

$98 when you purchase both regularly $134.
Ships for free too  -- shipping deducted at time of processing.

04 December 2013

On the 4th day of Christmas...

See our beautiful clutches at our
Free* shipping all week! 
Enter 'free!' at checkout.  

*free shipping applies to domestic, ground only & to orders of $70 or more.

02 December 2013

On the 2nd day of Christmas (aka Cyber Monday!)...

enter 'cyber' to save 30% store-wide
**bespoke orders not included.

Marie Claire & Ses Petites Mains, great minds think in Ikat

We loved seeing our beautiful
Silk & Leather Ikat Clutch
(aka as an Ipad vessel)
on the pages of Marie Claire
with the gorgeous
Gwen Stefani gracing the cover. 

Great minds of think in Ikat--and now you can get yours with our Cyber Monday promo,
save 30%, today only!
Regularly $138, today $97.

Cyber Monday Savings! 30% off store-wide at Ses Petites Mains.

Save 30% store-wide when you shop today.
**Does not apply to Bespoke orders
Offer valid Monday December 2, 2013 only.

30 November 2013

Small Saturday--20% off--Free Shipping...its good to support Small!

And take 20% off all Ses Petites Mains purchases when you shop our
Tiny Chic Boutique through Sunday December 1, 2013.
**free shipping on orders of $70 or more too!

Discount taken at time of shipment.  Offer applies to all merchandise in our store!

26 November 2013

Holiday Shopping at Ses Petites Mains--for Moms & Girls!


Free Shipping** on Orders of $70 or more.
Discount to be provided at time of shipping,
shipping deleted from orders, where it applies. 
Free Shipping applies to ground, domestic orders only.
Offer good through Sunday. December 1, 2013.

14 November 2013

Holiday shopping at the Claremont Hotel

RSVP here & you'll automatically be entered into a raffle for
$50 gift card to our Tiny Chic Boutique. 

41 Tunnel Road, Berkeley, CA 94705

Email us with any questions.  Hope to see you there!

29 October 2013

Gertrude, a work of art!

How lucky are we to have these beautiful, painterly images of
some of our most classic pieces...
We think, very!

hanks to our talented friend, Georgia, here is our Gertrude dress,
spinny in chiffon dots? 

How lucky are you to be able to (very soon) get your hands on one of them!?
Sign up for our Holiday First-To-Know mailing list and guess what? 
You'll be first to know when Holiday 2013 arrives--its that easy!

28 October 2013

Grace, just in time for the holidays!

Our Holiday styles are soon to arrive, and we love this
painterly image of our classic Grace dress.  

Sign up for our Holiday First-To-Know mailing list and guess what? 
You'll be first to know when Holiday 2013 arrives--its that easy!

25 October 2013

Here comes the weekend

With less than a week 'til the most goblin-ly night of the year upon us,
I know our house will be full of costume prep this weekend. 

We love making costumes and this year is no different, but I have to admit, with our recent move and figuring our new surroundings out, we are a little behind the eight ball!  But, alas, we will persevere, (not without a lot of baked pumpkin seeds to fuel our way)
and emerge from the dining room table, fabric scraps everywhere,
with this year's costume of choice--a leprechaun!

Enjoy your weekend, whereever it takes you.

A match to last a lifetime!

Order your Cecelia dress, from our Tiny Chic boutique,
in colors to match your event or off the rack, whichever suits you best!

24 October 2013

Be a Holiday 2013 First-To-Know


Sign up for our
Holiday 2013 First-To-Know mailing list & we'll let you know the minute our
Tiny Chic Somethings arrive at our Tiny Chic Boutique.  

Dresses in sumptuous textures, rich colors and our signature quiet details. 
Jackets, cardigans & outerwear, too. 

Available in sizes for the little ones (2-8)
& Tweens, too (10-14).

Email us with any questions.

Join our 
mailing list here...

22 October 2013

Ses Petites Mains & Family House

Ses Petites Mains is proud to be part of Family House's Silent Auction,
to be held at their Bubbles & Bling fundraiser November 7, 2013 in San Francisco.
A fun night of shopping and treats--chocolate tastings & champagne sips--
all while browsing some of San Francisco's most interesting boutique selections.   

St. Regis Hotel Lobby, in San Francisco
And its held at the gorgeous
St. Regis hotel
, just a chance to walk through their
beautiful lobby is reason enough for most to attend. 

But Family House gives you many more reasons. 

Its a win-win, as all this enjoyment actually
funds the important work of Family House. 
For those of you who don't know about Family House,
well let me tell you,
they are awesome! 

Family House provides temporary housing for families
of children with terminal illnesses who are seeking treatment at hospitals
where care may be excellent, but proximity to home is not. 

With no cost to families, Family House creates a place of
comfort and emotional support when
families need it most.


To order tickets and learn more about Family House and the Bubbles & Bling event, click here...

16 October 2013

Music to work by!

We're so infatuated with Hannah Cohen and her beautiful song, "Don't Say".  

See what you think! 
Her dreamy sound is hugely responsible for helping us to keep our focus
on the Holiday & Spring production--
thanks Hannah!

Join us for a Fashion Fundraiser

Email us or call 415.533.1695 for more details.
Hope to see you there!

11 October 2013

Tiny Chic Classics

Visit our Tiny Chic Boutique to see our complete
assortment of Classics, all happily made in San Francisco.

Holiday styles to arrive Mid-November, check back or email
us and we'll keep you posted!

Malala wins, as far as we are concerned!

Thank you for fighting the incredibly hard fight--
standing up for education for girls & women. 

Never has this saying applied more--
'Your spirit is the true shield'.  

Thank you Malala.

08 October 2013

07 October 2013

A souvenir from my weekend

Enjoy these beautiful sights from my quick trip to Aspen & Basalt, Colorado this past weekend.  

the mirror pond at the Roaring Fork Club

We stayed at the gorgeous
Roaring Fork Club

which kept my senses busy, taking in all the scents and gorgeous vistas. 

The Aspens were in their most vivid yellows while the newly fallen snow dusted over all the luscious colors.  

Now we are back to work but its nice to stop for a moment and remember the splendor of it all...
The last bits of snow along the quaint foot bridge

I want to turn this into a print--colored rocks and the crystal clear water

The gondola in Aspen

The only benefit of our incredibly early trip back to
Denver Airport-- the gorgeous light

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