30 November 2011

thanks east side bride...no eye averting here!

We think Gertrude could make a sweet, flower girl or 
junior bridesmaid's dress, too...thanks for thinking so!

Read their full posting here...

29 November 2011

We love our fans...

Thanks are always appreciated but certainly never expected.    
And a note this thoughtful from the father of a few little flower girls, didn't go without our blushing appreciation!
I have been meaning to write a note thanking you for the amazing dresses you made for  our wedding.  My daughters had so much fun dressing up and looked so cute and charming. I know that my oldest daughter also had an awesome time picking out the fabric and material for the dress. 
It made the whole wedding that much more special for her.

We also love your regular line. It's made with such care and attention to detail.  
Thanks again and let me now if you ever decide to make clothes for men.

 If you need help with your special occasion needs, send us an email
we are truly happy to help!

18 November 2011

17 November 2011

We love what we do...

...And appears our customers do, as well.  
Read this incredibly thoughtful note, that a recent customer sent us, 
about the flowergirl dress and jacket we made for her daughter...

                       Hi Beth,

Just wanted you to know we received 
the dress and jacket and both are wonderful.
Even my daughter's 8 year-old brother 
commented that her dress was 
"REALLY pretty!"  

Thank you so much, 
it was really fun and special to work with you.

Makes me love what I do even MORE!  

14 November 2011

ses petites mains + Amy Merrick = flower girls

At ses petites mains, we believe in beautiful partnerships.  Take, for example, the fringe hem at the sweep of our Sofia dress.  Or, the striped organza skirt on our polka dot bodice of the Gertie dress.  

 Oh, and these bouquets by the 
Brooklyn-based florist, Amy Merrick.  

They must have been made with our special occasion dresses in mind.  

Amy Merrick flowers, ahhh.  

We give Flower Girls a new meaning!

See our full collection of dresses here...

Gertie dress & Sofia dress images courtesy of 
the insanely talented, Chris O'Shea.

11 November 2011

a day to remember

In honor of my father, Peter Miles, 

who served in World War II, 
and to all the veterans before and after, 
thank you.

09 November 2011

sale at the little little black dress shop

We can hardly contain our excitement--
has  20% off  all 
ses petites mains dresses, 
including our lovely 
greta dress in starry dotted night (above).

see all styles here...

08 November 2011

Color, or lack thereof--its black & white!

They say opposites attract, so I guess that would explain why I--
lover of color and lots of it--
was so drawn to these rooms of very little, color, that is.

Enjoy...and, now knowing what you know about me, 
I'm certain I need NOT call out which rooms belong to me!

grey chambers belonging to Mats Gustafson; 
Photographs by Magnus Marding.

07 November 2011

going going gone

The sound of 
the tape gun 
sealing boxes is 
music to our ears.  

Here go one, 
of the many, 
stacks of boxes 
ses petites mains'
holiday dresses...

For details on how 
you can get yours, 
email us.

04 November 2011

here comes the weekend

Its been one of those weeks.  
Days that never stretch on long enough to handle 
all that we have to get done at ses petites mains.  
But we are so grateful to have the orders 
and demand for our tiny chic clothing.  

And now that its Friday, I dream of collapsing into my bed!
Doesn't hurt that the rain & cold are headed our way.

Hope you find your own cozy spot to hide out in, this weekend.

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