31 August 2012

here comes the weekend

And it's my birthday tomorrow.  

I'm looking forward to uncovering the birthday surprises 
that I've half-heard, being whispered just out of ear shot.  
I'm hoping they include some time at the beach; 
lots of sweet company from those I love; and 
a good bit of art created by the little hands that I adore.

Enjoy this coral craft that 
I found on the beach in Hawaii.
I'm certain it was left just for me!

Happy long weekend!

we love our fans...

...and are always honored when 
ses petites mains is included in their big moments.  

Just like this sweet little one's baptism.  
We cut a Gertie dress and tiny hair clip just for her big day.  

By the looks of it, 
she was happy with the results!  

Thank you for sharing, 
your gift card is on its way.

29 August 2012

Martha Stewart's American Made Awards

We are thrilled to have been nominated for the 
Martha Stewart American Made Awards.  

Starting September 7, fans of ses petites mains can help us to win 
this incredible opportunity of $10,000 and a feature in Martha Stewart Magazine.  

We'll keep you posted on how you can help, but in the meantime, 
we already feel like a winner!  
Check out our nomination here...

24 August 2012

here comes the weekend

I'm still holding on tightly to all the lovely island influences 
of our recent trip to Hawaii, 
here are a few.  
Enjoy your weekend and wherever it takes you.

22 August 2012

Our Sale is On Sale!

Shop our tiny chic boutique, savings on 

Shop soon, sale ends Saturday August 25, 2012
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A truly Special Occasion

And how could it not be, with these group of chic little ones,
 on board to help 
the big day go off without a hitch -- or rather, with a hitch!!

Maids-in-waiting patiently waiting.

All white, not just for the bride.

Gertie & Shirley (the dresses), happy to lend a hand!

Enjoy these 
& let us know if you need any help with your Special Occasion, 
we're happy to lend a 
tiny chic hand!

21 August 2012

a summer's moment

Its been quiet on our blog, as a result of some summer travel.  
Enjoy some images from our recent trip to The Big Island...while we get back to business!

Headed to the Luah, my daughter & I in our favorite ses petites mains
(Yes, its coming--for those of you who are always asking--'when will you do women's?")

09 August 2012

we love our fans!

And they clearly love ses petites mains!  

We were told our dotted eyelet Greta dress was this 
tiny chic customer's summer dress-of-choice--
as soon as it was out of the wash, it was on!

We are also just a little bit crazy for how she paired Greta 
with her lilac running shoes.
Bravo, summer couldn't look sweeter or more fun!

Thanks for sharing!

08 August 2012

Fey & Poppy, classics...

Free shipping* when you spend $75.

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07 August 2012

Gemma & Caitlin, so sweet together!

Find them at our Back-to-School sale...

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06 August 2012

we love our fans!

Ahhh, what a lovely note, from one of our Bespoke clients, 
to find in our Inbox, on a Monday morning.

"I just wanted to let you know that we received
the baptism dress and it is absolutely 
beautiful on Amelia.  
It will be perfect for the occasion.  
I'll take a picture of her in the next week or so and send it your way.

"Thanks again for all of your help!  Have a wonderful rest of your summer."

Bespoke Gertie dress 
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01 August 2012

Cecelia, flower girl extraordinaire!

We couldn't wait to share these beautiful photos of our 
Cecelia Dress, in Alyce Dot, in her most important role-- flower girl!

Cecelia details--the double ruffle collar & puffed cap sleeve

Cecelia in white Alyce Dot with Bespoke ribbon belt

Cecelia, in action!

Job well done, Cecelia!
Contact us and ses petites mains can be part of your Special Occasion too!  

Images courtesy of JMK Photography.

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