30 July 2012

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ready for the week...

How excited were we to discover this surfboard, 
at the wonderful 2 Mile Surf Shop in Bolinas?  (Hint...very!)

Somerset & Mr. B & 'the board'

 Made for our little Mr. B., 
wouldn't you agree?  

We were lucky to spend some time here this past weekend.  As I head into the studio today, I am warmed by the memories of my family,
the waves,
and the seals that swam close,
as if to say hello.  

Hope your weekend was a good one!

22 July 2012

time for a giveaway

Love Margaret?  

Well, now is your chance to win her.  Simply 'Like' our Facebook page & leave a comment about what you love most about Margaret. 

Already 'like' us?  Well, then just leave your comment. 

Winner chosen at random on Tuesday July 24.   Choice of size 2t-10, based on availability.

20 July 2012

here comes the weekend--a road trip journal

Here are a few pages from my travel journal.
I love capturing tiny memories of a trip, better than a postcard
that you send away and sweeter than a photo.
I recommend you do the same the next time the road beckons.

We just returned from our travels up and down the coast--
leaving San Francisco to check out Mt. Shasta;
picking marion berries just outside of Portland,
surfing at our favorite beach along the Oregon coast;
driving our car along the beach (yes, that's what 'they' do there!);
eating lots of saltwater taffy (and watching my daughter lose a wiggly baby molar in the process!);
white water rafting on the Rogue River;
laughing-'til-it-hurts watching the fantastic performance of Animal Crackers in Ashland;
playing 'name that tune' to while away the hours in the car;
and just loving the time spent together exploring coastlines, telling silly jokes & collecting states from all the license plates we find along the way (35 in total, 33 within the US!).

Hope you are finding sweet summer memories of your own.

19 July 2012

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a girl's charm bracelet

I may have mentioned it before, but I'll say it again -- I absolutetly love charm bracelets.  
And its why we are so excited to have our tiny chic jewels
which feature several varieties of them.  

I had to share one of our latest personalized pieces, 
made for a very special customer's 10th birthday.

What's not to love?!  
The open link chain; the varigated shapes & sizes of charms; 
the sweet sentiment that each charm holds?  

This one even features a tiny birthstone
(see that tiny emerald on a twisted wire?!) 
dangling just above the birthdate charm.

Just email us with your jewelry needs, 
we are happy to create something just for you.

summer's idyllic sundress--the Deauville

Deauville dress in North Beach Check

Warm summer nights, late-night icecream cones, lightning bugs 
& Deauville.   
Everything you need 
to make summer complete.

And now, Deauville is on sale 
($34, regular price $74), 
which makes her even sweeter.  

Our North Beach Check fabric has a slight pucker effect, and is super light for warm days & nights.  Lined in cotton voile, with the sweetest trim of swiss dot at the hem.  

Find yours at our 

10 July 2012

a mother's charm bracelet

We had to share this custom Mother's Charm Bracelet -- we are so crazy about it!

A very lucky client ordered this piece, 
stamped with the initals & dates that she cares most about.  

Its hard to say what we love most --
the many shapes &  sizes of charms; 
the sentiment of each stamp;  
or the varied stamp sizes of each stamping.  

All elements combine to create the perfect piece.  
And with each unique tiny chic jewel that is created, 
we gain a new & different appreciation for each one.

See for yourself, check out these beautiful pieces 

03 July 2012

in the studio

Working on Bespoke orders for our
Tiny Chic Occasion collection...
we love a fancy occasion!

We love our fans!

Its clear to see why, too--
a perfect mixture of adorableness with 
excellent taste (if we do say so ourselves!).  

This tiny chic customer has the added plus of Lisa Lefkowitz's talent behind the lens.

Thanks for sending, your gift card is on its way!

02 July 2012

Anna-Lisa Froman

In loving memory of our friend Anna-Lisa Froman, who passed away last Wednesday.  
A woman who possessed an enormous talent for all things 
related to product development, merchandising and design.

Lovely, quirky, funny, smart, chic, elegant, loving, loved--
all come to mind when we think of Anna-Lisa.

A loving wife, mother, sister & tremendous friend--her presence is sorely missed.
It is with a heavy heart, that we return to our studio this morning.  

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