31 May 2013

Cecelia, she's exceptionally aisle-friendly.

Cecelia, no wedding party is complete without her! 
And we loved fitting these two darling sisters, in our studio, just for their big day.

Contact us with all your Flowergirl & Junior Bridesmaid needs.

We love our fans!

This darling fan has graced the pages of our blog before.  We look forward to each photo that her mother sends.  Not hard to see why, right?!

We are thrilled that our
Rose dress
has found such
a loving home.

Thank you for sharing, your gift card is en route!

30 May 2013

All the Places You Have Been.

Last week, my daughter celebrated her 11th birthday.

How could that be?  Time has moved so quickly.  
"The days are long, but the years are fast." 
I don't think I would have understood that idea, or at least,
not paid as much attention to it, before I was a Mother. 
But now, I get it.

So for her birthday, I wanted to create something that showed her
progression through life, in one that celebrated all that she has experienced. 
And this year, in the fifth grade, she studied the 50 states--by name, their capital and their geographic placement.  I was happy to be able to teach her  "the Fifty Nifty United States" a song I had learned back in 1976--and still to this day, can recite every state, in alphabetically order,
(thank you Mrs. Heuck!)

I loved the idea of creating this map, of the United States, with embroidery paths from her home in San Francisco, leading to all the places we have travelled.  

And with each new trip,  we will add a new path, and fill the map for years to come.  And I know those years, will happen quickly, so I'm prepared
with embroidery floss on the ready!

We love our fans...

...especially those that go to this length to share their
Ses Petites Mains' moments with us. 

This proud, newly graduated 5th,  oops correction--now 6th grader,
couldn't be chicer in her Cecelia dress with Peony Blossom,
in the wood chips, in her strappy sandals. 

As it should be!  Congratulations, you earned it & thanks for sharing!

Thoughts on a day...

27 May 2013

Konnichiwa, Ses Petites Mains

Fun to see some of our exclusive styles/fabrics on sale at Gilt Japan.
Good to know that Ses Petites Mains translates to Japanese with ease!

23 May 2013

Ses Petites Mains, for flower girls & junior bridesmaids

Weddings, weddings everywhere
& so many
Ses Petites Mains'
flower girls & junior bridesmaids.
We are so honored!

Contact us for help with your big day!

13 May 2013

Betty, in Jump Rope Stripe

Find Betty, and other great styles at our Tiny Chic Boutique.

Our Outfit of the Week, Shirley & Edna

One of our favorite photos of our Shirley Dress, by Lisa Lefkowitz
A darling shift & ballet wrap cardigan--
the perfect layers for everyday!

Our sweet Shirley dress, in puckered magnolia check--has all the details you'll love.  The petal-like neckline, the easy shift shape with extended cap sleeve.  A wonderful contrast at back with, a tie in white Alyce dot; and gentle smocking at the waistline to create the sweetest shape.
Wear it with our Edna cardigan, wrapped to the back or tied to the front.  A row of ruffles at the neck and jewel-length cuff, she's ready for any day!
And this week, get them both, as our Outfit of the Week.  Shirley & Edna, in sizes 2t-4 only,
on sale for $92, regular price $116.
Purchase by Friday May 17, 2013 & save!
Offer good for items in inventory only. 

We love our fans!

Spinning the day away in her Louise dress. 
We love it!  

And we really love, as her mother told us, that this chic little one 
has worn her dress for the past three days. 
Something tells us Louise works for her! We would certainly agree!

Thank you for sharing...your gift card is on its way!

11 May 2013

Ses Petites Mains & InCultureParent

Ses Petites Mains is thrilled about our new
partnership with InCultureParent.

InCultureParent is a global parenting resource
with articles prepared to foster a greater
understanding of cultures through the lens of parenting.  

No matter what language we speak or where we live, we are united by our desire, as parents, to create meaningful families & experiences that will allow our children to flourish. 

Visit InCultureParent -- its like a
global Mother's Group.  

And, look for our ad & discount code for 20% off all Ses Petites Mains purchases. 

07 May 2013

Vogue's Met Gala--does it really matter?

I'm not sure that it does, in the big scheme of things.
But to me, Vogue's annual Met Ball is Fashion's 'high holiday'.

Greeted by Anna, on the staircase to the renowned Met, in the company of the world's most esteemed designers & muses, as well as some, umm, how shall I say, silly pop stars.    I should hope that they would do their best to impress. 

But it seems to me, that this year's Punk exhibit,
seemed to skew more than one attendee's sensibilities.  

But I'll focus on the positive, with those that I thought honored
the night and all its 'high holiday' specialness.

Caroline Murphy in Nina Ricci

Rooney Mara in Givenchy

Ms. Prada in Prada

Stella Tennant in Christopher Kane with Christoper Kane

Vanessa Redgrave--stunning!

Emma Watson in Prabal Gurung

Ashley Olsen in vintage Christian Dior

06 May 2013

Outfit of the week, Rose & Dahlia.

Purchase your Rose & Dahlia by Friday May 10, 2013 & save!

$98 (Sizes 4-8 , regularly $120)
$105 (sizes 10 & 14, regularly $126)
Offer good for items in inventory only.

02 May 2013

It's Peony season and we've got them in stock!

Our Peony Blossom is getting quite a lot of attention this season--
not a surprise, really. 
It's the best flower of the season! 
To keep up with demand, we've made them available to ship in 24 hours,
All you have to do is choose from one of our luscious silk colors.
And we'll ship it, just in time for whatever you have planned.
Email us with any questions.

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