26 April 2010

penny for your thoughts

I'm thinking of all the things that a penny is good for...penny candy, oh wait, no such thing anymore.  I know, penny arcades.  No, they really have to be renamed dollar arcades. 

Penny for your thoughts?   I like that, and love the sentiment--a friend sitting near but miles away.  Dreaming of something--if you only you knew.
Well, here's a nice thought...you can dress your sweet little one in all the Pennies of ses petites mains, and save some, in the process.  Buy our Penny top & Penelope skort and save 25%...
that's worth much more than a penny, don't you think?
ses petites mains tiny chic boutique

21 April 2010

Earth Day, nothing tiny about it.

Today, on Earth Day, pick 3 things that you can do to ease the burden we place upon Mother Earth.  Here are a few easy ideas--bring your own cup when you go to your favorite cafe;  take a walk instead of grabbing the keys; and drop a few seeds in the back yard and start a garden.  Or just create a moment to learn more about the wonders of the world around us.  And in that new knowledge, vow to protect one of the beautiful discoveries you make.

Just last weekend--we visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a favorite spot in our family, for sure.  As an adult, I am taken aback by how much I learn each and every time I visit.  For my daughter, its wonderful to see her growing understanding and appreciation for all things sea-bound. 
So allow me to share some spectacular images in honor of Mother Earth--thanks for the color; the odd and beautiful creatures; and the endless mysteries that keep us fascinated.

15 April 2010

Ericka McConnell shoots ses petites mains

One of the many lovely aspects of creating ses petites mains, has to be the fantastic people I meet along the way. 

And Ericka McConnell is no exception.  I first met Ericka when looking for models for our spring 2010 collection.  Her lovely little girl adds a tremendous amount of savoir faire to our Molly shirtwaist, our Vivienne shell (both featured below) and many others. 

And now Ericka McConnell returns the favor in kind with the images she took featuring ses petites mains.  See for yourself...check out Ericka's blog at http://blog.erickamcconnell.com/2010/04/athena-hippie.html


12 April 2010

Who says it doesn't pay to be a follower?

Not us...when you become a follower of our blog, we'll send you a gift certicate good for $25 of ses petites mains tiny chic clothing. When you put it that way, being a leader seems really overrated!!

08 April 2010

ses petites mains, we have the greatest customers of all...

...and they always say the nicest things.  Just today, we received this note attached to an order--
"I was soooo impressed with the Greta, we just had to have it in the next size up for the future. It's really a year-round beauty!"

Thanks!  Greta does make quite an impression!  Our timelessly elegant dress in tissue silk w/ cotton voile lining.  Get yours, for today, or that special day soon-to-come. 

05 April 2010

two and twenty

Visit our online boutique for a great promotion, save 20% when you purchase 2 pieces of ses petites mains spring2010 collection...shop soon, its going quickly!  Enter code 'spring20' at checkout for savings.

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