24 February 2010

If the eyes are the windows to the soul...

...then this window is just soulful

We love that Manhattan's fantastic boutique, Yoya, chose our Annalisa Dress to star in their beautiful window display. 

ses petites mains' spring 2010 season has been  enthusiastically embraced by store owners & shoppers alike.  And we are truly grateful to all of our fans. 

If you are in Manhattan, drop by Yoya at 636 Hudston Street, say hi to Annalisa for us!

23 February 2010

A 'dress-raiser' for the Raphael House

ses petites mains will provide a lovely tiny chic dress to a little girl in need through the Raphael House in San Francisco, when you spend $150 on our spring2010 collection from
Visit Honeys & Heroes at one of their two stores....
3366 Sacramento Street in San Francisco 415.567.6780
855 El Camino, Ste 120 in Palo Alto, 650.326.1899

The Raphael House creates a safe haven for families in need, in the Bay Area--and we applaud their work.

19 February 2010


If you are anything like us, you love the idea of a lemonade stand. Is it the arrival of new lemons on our Meyer lemon tree; the squeezing of them; the-ever-so-exciting moment of adding the sugar (and sneaking wet fingers into the sugar bowl)? Who knows which exact element creates the extreme enthusiasm? But it definitely exists, in pitchers-full every time we host one, curbside on our little block in San Francisco.

And if you are anything like myself, overcome by the delightfully sweet little ones who serve the tart conconction in tiny paper cups; spilling equal parts as they pour; and collecting quarters for their worthy cause--well, I'll buy the entire pitcher.

So how does all this relate to ses petites mains? Just today, Maggie Eigen--the owner of the new childrens boutique, Lemonade in Manhattan-- called to report that one of her clients, so taken with our Betty Shirtwaist in sparkle seersucker (pictured at right), bought every size she had to sell! With a trip planned to visit family, she wanted a dress for every little one she knew.

Its enough to make you pucker up and kiss her!

Thanks for loving our Betty, we have to admit, we love her too. She's almost as cute as those little girls selling the lemonade (I did say almost!).

If you are in New York city, visit
Lemonade at 1038 Lexington Avenue at 74th Street, 212.585.4371.

See our Betty Shirtwaist  at our tiny chic boutique.

18 February 2010

And the winner is...

...Stephanie, who replied with the kindest words about ses petites mains' new blog.  And as promised, Stephanie will receive a $25 gift certificate for our tiny chic clothing at ses petites mains' online boutique.

Here's a bit of what she had to say...
'What a lovely beginning for your blog. No, I don't think there can be too many blogs out there. It's a wonderful way of sharing and even distilling & refining your own thoughts.'

Thanks to Stephanie and all the readers (we are thrilled to say, there are already a great number of you!) who replied.  We'll definitely have more tiny chic giveaways in the future. 

16 February 2010

The Molly Shirtwaist, she's our Hero or is she our Honey?

At Honeys & Heroes, she's a bit of both.  And look how sweet Molly looks in the window of their San Francisco store.  If you happen to be in Pacific Heights, drop by and say hello to Molly, and the wonderful staff at Honeys & Heroes.

shop online at Honeys & Heroes  or visit their stores in person...

3366 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, 415.567.6780

855 El Camino, Suite 120
Palo Alto, 650.326.1899

14 February 2010

happy valentine's day

origami magazine box & hearts,
handmade by my sweet daughter...enjoy

13 February 2010

Oh Fiddlesticks, spring is in store!

Here's what Fiddlesticks had to say about us (we are blushing!)

Yesterday, I dropped into one of our local San Francisco boutiques--Fiddlesticks, in Hayes Valley--and I discovered this beautiful display, just steps inside their front door, laden with pieces from ses petites mains spring2010 collection.  Elizabeth Leu, the owner, has been a supporter of ses petites mains from our early days and we love working with her and her fantastic team. 

Drop by 540 Hayes Street and let ses petites mains greet you at the door!

Fiddlesticks, 540 Hayes Street in San Francisco, 415.565.0540

And check out their blog too, Elizabeth said the nicest things about us and asked me a few questions too...read the February 5 posting here http://blog.shopfiddlesticks.com/

12 February 2010

spring is here?

As I dashed out of my studio today--excited to go and check on the new fall2010 ses petites mains collection--I was distracted by a bit of loveliness blooming on a nearby branch. A gorgeous Royal Star Magnolia blossom that appeared from, what seemed like, out of nowhere. Although the branches are loaded with little green fuzzy buds, a blossom doesn't always follow. And with the reports of record inches of snow falling in the East; and dear friends caught in the far away cities unable to get their return flights--I felt guilty taking in such a wonder.

I was reminded by how much I am inspired by nature and the meaningfulness of the seasons. I grew up in Chicago, and I know what a long winter really is all about. To this day, although I have lived on the West Coast for many years, seeing a new bloom still holds for me all the hope and optimism that only a spring season can offer. The promise of warmth, light--an awakening in every way. Oh yes, and the chance to wear a new little dress!

So enjoy my little Magnolia blossom, especially those of you surrounded by banks of snow. Spring is near, if not already here.

10 February 2010

Another blog?!

Does the world need another blog? I'm not sure of the answer.  But I am hopeful that those who love Ses Petites Mains (and we are so grateful to all of you!) will find interest in what inspires our collections. 

As we prepare for another collection -- fall2010 -- I'm thrilled to think that we have four years of work behind us, and hopefully, many more yet to come. 

Ses Petites Mains
 started with just a mini production run and not a single (yes, that is correct, not one) wholesale account  What we lacked in accounts we had in surplus of naivete and chutzpah.  Going door to door and inbox to inbox, we sold the Spring 2006 collection to the stores that appreciated our Annie E overall (of which we still get requests); our signature Somerset shirtwaist; the Ermine shell and others.  We even found ourselves with a rep within weeks.

That was how Ses Petites Mains was started.  And I hope you share in our excitement about what the future holds for Ses Petites Mains.  Stay tuned, and we'll share it with you.

You can check back, or sign on to receive our posts and we will do our best to keep you entertained by the process of making tiny chic clothing. 

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