01 September 2011

happy birthday to me.

Not my most recent photo, but a favorite memory of my childhood.  
Loved this day, lots of family and our cousin who was 
working as a photographer, 
took a bunch of candid family photos.  

Just happened to have on the dress of my dreams, that day too.  
Easy striped knit dress with a breast pocket that had the 
stripe running vertically.  
Wow, I loved it.

All birthday wishes left as comments receive a 
gift certificate to our boutique.  Don't forget to leave your email address!

Its my birthday, but we should all benefit, don't you think?


  1. Happy Birthday ~ Hope you enjoy your day! Kelly-jkcrist@comcast.net

  2. Hello Beth: Just saw this posting...hope you enjoyed your birthday last week (& hope that wasn't the day that I called so early...). Nice memories. (BTW...My b'day is one month after, on 10/01.) Thanks again for all of your patience and assistance with my recent order.

    Angela O


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