12 September 2011

PCV's Small Business Showcase

Feeling 'watched over' by the art
Today, I had the pleasure of exhibiting at 
Pacific Community Venture's Annual Small Business Showcase, at UCSF's Mission Bay Conference Center.

We packed up our dress form--sweetly adorned in one of our 'best sellers'.  We took lookbooks of upcoming, present & past collections;  pressbooks; and tons of our photography to help give a taste of what it is we do at ses petites mains.

We also didn't forget to pack a tiny chic package that we presented to California's Lieutenant Governor, and San Francisco's recent Mayor, Gavin Newsom.   He enthusiastically accepted and ensured us that his nearly 2 year-old daughter will happily wear it to one of their many 'social engagements'.

A day like today, makes me feel so proud that we have five years of tiny chic clothing to share.  And that we work, against many odds, to continue to support our local community and produce our collection--every last style--right here, in San Francisco.  

As we navigate through our Spring2012 selling season, I'm so encouraged and feel so supported by the business community around ses petites mains.  I extend a special thanks to Kendra Ott and Chase Adam--both of PCV--for their help & attention.

Learn more about Pacific Community Ventures here...

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