30 September 2011

an afternoon with Leader Pelosi

Today was a most inspired day. I, as the owner of ses petites mains, 
was invited to take part in a roundtable discussion with 
Leader Nancy Pelosi.  

love my coaster!
Sitting around the table with twelve other small business owners, 
all incredibly varied in their mission, I shared my experience of manufacturing apparel in San Francisco--the rewards & the challenges,  for which there are many.  

With the incredible variety of businesses involved, I was struck by the similarity of  issues in running a small business in this current, economic environment.  Issues related to obtaining credit; having the ability to hire; maintaining and growing a client base were repeated themes. 

And as we each spoke and shared our experiences, it was with enormous care and attention that Leader Pelosi documented the details and then spoke to our specific concerns.  I left the meeting with a tremendously optimistic feeling--that our government is truly working to understand the issues involved in al of our struggles and, in full support of small business.      

I look forward to further discussions about how small business can gain access to capital; increase their hiring opportunties and in so, help to drive our economy in the right direction.

Again, I thank the tremendously supportive 
Allison Kelly, Kendra Ott & Chase Adams,  all of  PCV
for including ses petites mains in such an opportunity. 


  1. What an opportunity! So glad Ses Petites Mains was invited to the table with Leader Pelosi!

  2. Congratulations to you, and to the organizers for being smart enough to invite you!

  3. What an experience and an honor!


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