03 March 2010

fall 2010 collection...

Yes, its only March, and Spring has just begun to really show her true colors--you should see my beautiful magnolias now! 

My daughter reminds me each day, how many days are left (thanks, 2nd grade teachers!) 'til that "delightful season" starts.  Now I must try to convince her that the time has come to unveil a Fall collection.  What sense can that make? 
Crazy to some, but oh so exciting to me, and my little team, at ses petites mains.  I do love the process of designing a season--exploring the fabrics, discovering the new shapes, finding the right button or trim.  And then the grand moment of seeing the new samples--do they 'work' as I thought they would?  The best of moment of all is when I see the season's collection, together, for the first time.  And now, this weekend, I'll show Fall2010 to editors & buyers.  The collection, together, for the first time. 

See ses petites mains' Fall2010 collection in Nyc at the Children's Club, booth 9333, Sunday March 7 - Tuesday March 9, if you happen to be in town!

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