10 March 2010

tiny chic clothing in our tiny chic booth

New York, I love every bit of it.  Some of you may know that it was my home for close to ten years.   Those ten years were such an exciting part of my life; my education; my career. 

I was never as fit as the years I spent climbing the heights to my apartment on the sixth floor (they call that a walk-up in nyc, as there is no option, but 'to walk up'.)  Space was at a minimum but it never really seemed to matter as the experience of life was so maximized.  Art, music, people from every corner of the world.

And now being back in New York for the Children's Club, I find myself feeling exactly the same way.

I have a tiny, lovely space in which to showcase ses petites mains' fall 2010 collection and the people I am surrounded by are as fun, interesting and diverse as they were when I lived there, over 10 years ago. 

Our spring 2010 collection has been selling, and buyers are placing reorders.  We've had window displays full of our pieces and just learned that Martha Stewart Wedding will feature two ses petites mains dresses in their upcoming June issue. 

With all this excitement, we go to market hoping to deliver another line that resonates with buyers, parents, and of course, little girls.

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