31 March 2010

ses petites mains in Laguna Beach

I have had a life-long love of Laguna Beach--a soulful beach community in southern California that  I discovered while in college, many years ago.  These days, its where I love to take my daughter so that she can experience warm, sunny beaches--different from those in her hometown of San Francisco.  A place where you can climb upon the rocks and watch the little seal bodysurfing in the waves (the same one that seems to show up everytime we are in town!).
To me, Laguna is pretty much perfection.  A slice of heaven on earth.  You can lay on rocks, sun bathing all day; explore endless tidepools; hike gorgeous canyons; eat great food and drink the best date nut shake ever made...and now, even shop for ses petites mains.
Thanks to Wendy Estreicher the owner of the new, gorgeous children's boutique Hillary which officially opens tomorrow April 1  with a fabulous opening party, not to be missed.
Find ses petites mains spring2010 dresses, tops & bottoms in addition to great clothing, accessories and toys for girls, boys & baby.

And please say hello to our Annalisa dress, standing ever-so happily in the window.  She's particulary lucky as the view of the seals from her spot is fantastic!

Visit Hillary at 305 N. Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach

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