12 February 2010

spring is here?

As I dashed out of my studio today--excited to go and check on the new fall2010 ses petites mains collection--I was distracted by a bit of loveliness blooming on a nearby branch. A gorgeous Royal Star Magnolia blossom that appeared from, what seemed like, out of nowhere. Although the branches are loaded with little green fuzzy buds, a blossom doesn't always follow. And with the reports of record inches of snow falling in the East; and dear friends caught in the far away cities unable to get their return flights--I felt guilty taking in such a wonder.

I was reminded by how much I am inspired by nature and the meaningfulness of the seasons. I grew up in Chicago, and I know what a long winter really is all about. To this day, although I have lived on the West Coast for many years, seeing a new bloom still holds for me all the hope and optimism that only a spring season can offer. The promise of warmth, light--an awakening in every way. Oh yes, and the chance to wear a new little dress!

So enjoy my little Magnolia blossom, especially those of you surrounded by banks of snow. Spring is near, if not already here.

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  1. I love this! I love all the positive, smiling articles here. Thanks Beth!


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