07 January 2013

Sleepover by Molly Segal

I don't know about your house, but in mine, sleepovers are requested on a weekly basis.  

The lure of the staying up late, bedtime routines ignored, for one night.  
Eating popcorn, while snug in sleeping bags, in front of the telie--
its pretty close to heaven-on-earth, as far as my daughter is concerned.

And then this past Friday, I discovered Molly Segal's art--and I loved it immediately.  
This one painting in particular, Sleepover 2. 

Girls huddled together in secret whispers, planning their evenings events.  
The swirl of water color and bleeding lines; the composition--
I loved everything about it.

And this Sleepover is even more exciting to me than the real deal.
I can enjoy it without the built-in exhaustion that comes
from giggling girls, staying up all night.

Thank you, Molly Segal.

Molly Segal's art at FM Gallery in Oakland--see it if you can!

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