24 January 2013

A Valentine Gift from Ses Petites Mains

I'm not a big believer in giving gifts for every Hallmark holiday that rolls around. 
Goodness knows that the giving would never end...
did you realize that there is a Tax Day holiday card--really!?

But I am struck by a Valentine's memory from my childhood,
where the Hallmark occasion-inspired gift couldn't have been more perfect. 

My mom, giving in so many ways, was not a huge gift giver on
non-birthday/Christmas occasions. 
So whatever prompted her unusually sentimental gesture on
the Valentine's Day of my 5th grade, is not clear. 

But, what presented itself was the chicest
(if my memory serves me correctly, some 30 some years later!)
red and white striped, long sleeved tee--perfect in on so many ways.  

The youngest child of seven, I was more accustomed to hand-me downs, instead of my very own, holiday-specific, kind-of-French-inspired tee!  My elation still warms my heart, to this day.

So, we at Ses Petites Mains, believe in gifting special-somethings, for that special, little someone--especially when she is least expecting it!  

We have our own Valentine's treat--
our Cecelia Dress & Peony blossom--
our sweetest shape, with an added Valentine Day blossom,
better than roses, as this one never fades. 

Order yours, just in time for Valentine's Day.  Who knows, if history tells us anything, she could be talking about this dress for many years to come!

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