18 January 2013

Bags, glorious bags!

Mochila bags, each one, unique in design & colorway
How gorgeous are these bags?  I can't stop looking at them, myself. 
The designs, the colors, the craft--
a breathtaking assemblage, I must say. 

These Mochila bags are hand crotcheted by a group of women,
in a remote, mountain village of Columbia.   

My love grows even stronger.  

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am all about 'making things'.  And when I think of the women, coming together to create a beautifully-made product, who's eventual sale, promotes the livelihood of those  very same women--fueling the process, again & again.  Who doesn't want to 'make' that happen? 

And its even better, because just imagine how chic you'll look with one of these slung over your shoulder. 

I expect to have this one (at right w/ the orange & chocolate designs) with me very soon. 

If, you too are enchanted by these, just email us and we'll connect you with their rep!
a perfect ballet bag for my daughter!
one of these will make a gift for a very dear friend

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