25 February 2016

The final days of Ses Petites Mains, enjoy 35% your orders

It has truly been a honor to Design & Manufacture 
Ses Petites Mains for you, for the past ten years.   

Did you realize that in supporting our brand, you 
  • supported a woman-owned business, 
  • helped to create local jobs, 
  • supported workers in a local factory earning a livable wage, 
  • reduced the footprint of your consumption by shopping locally and purchasing locally-made products.  

And you thought you were simply being our 
beautifully-made, and modern girls clothing!?

Please enjoy 35% off all Ses Petites Mains purchases (Bespoke not included) -- a reflection of our gratitude for your loyalty to our Tiny Chic Clothing for these amazing ten years.Use the code 'tinychicgoodbye' when you shop our Tiny Chic Boutique.

Thank you!

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