13 October 2014

Our Saturday, in pictures.

Finally getting around to planting our succulent box aka the Dewey Decimal library filing drawer we found at the flea market a few months back.

From the patio area of the Exploratorium, we watched the Blue Angels soar (and scream!) over San Francisco and just miss (or so it appeared that way!) Coit Tower.  Their 'track marks' littered the perfectly clear October sky.

My daughter experiencing the Mood Light at the Exploratorium.  It was not UNlike a very quiet, contained Grateful Dead show!

Oh, to drink from the toilet--
I couldn't bring myself to do it, dear Exploratorium!

How long are legs are, thanks Exploratorium! 
I also like how the mirror shows off my daughters sparkly jellies and mismatched socks!

I loved this--a seasonal color wheel of produce from the Bay Area.  As beautiful to see as it is to experience all that wonderful produce!

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