01 October 2014

Wednesday and the flu is here

While I ride out the sniffles & exhaustion,
I thought it would be nice to leave a few
read-worthy bits & inspiring images to keep
you busy til I return, healthy & energized!

On Mothering sans Judgment, from the lovely
 Design for the Minikind 

On the complexities of Tweens and their ever-changing moods, from Rachel Veil from the Huffington Post.

This most inspired article from TMagazine regarding designer Stephan Jansen (I'm fully obsessed with his covetable sewing room below).

Tmagazine, Stephan Janson, design inspiration, new york times sunday paper,
The sewing room of Stephan Janson

How gorgeous are these pattern & colors of Dries Van Noten's Spring collection--love them.

The clogs of Paris' Kerstin Adolphon would be a
dream for my daughter--
must go see on our next visit to Paris.

paris shopping, clogs, girls favorite shoes

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