07 August 2014

We are glampers.

Enjoy a few photos of our glamping trip to
El Capitan Canyon, just north of Santa Barbara. 

We stayed in a sweet cottage; built fires; hiked; ate straight from the trees; swam; visited the local organic farm--met llamas, donkeys & goats; and just relaxed at the beach (swam sans wetsuits which was amazing for us Northern Californians!)

I'm missing it already!
Beach bound under the tracks!

The most gorgeous camouflage-like bark

The crazy trees whose branches, like legs of a spider, climbed across the canyon for us to walk along

A constant sight, us eating peaches straight from the tree.
As close to Eeyore as we will ever get! The sweetest Donkey

A gorgeous Llama who tolerated the paparazzi.

Our charming & Tiny beach cabin

C jumps into the pool, a sure sign of summer.

The peaches from the neighboring tree, grilled for dinner
My daughter's amazing appetizer of grilled figs, grilled peaches, beans & guacamole.
Truly, the best stack of pancakes I have ever had.
Driving the Camino (The Kings Road) alongside the many many missions of California. 
Pinnacles in the background.

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