20 August 2014

Clip Dots for the Junior Bridesmaid & Tiny Flower Girl

We love weddings and love helping to figure out all the Tiny details (its really what we do best!).

  And what is more fun than helping the 'big' girls to stand apart, in the manner they deserve, from their tiny aisle counterparts? 

We recently worked with an excited bride to dress her sweet 12 year-old niece (aka the Junior Bridesmaid), in our Gertrude dress in Clip Dots (at left).
Shirley dress in Clip Dots
  While her even sweeter 3 year-old niece, the official Flower Girl, will wear the Shirley dress
in Clip Dot (at right).   

The aisle will have never know such sweetness!
Gertrude dress in Clip Dots

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