04 September 2012


This summer, my daughter and I read one book together...yes, one book.  That might sound impressive or lacking--whichever way you look at it.  I found it to be incredibly sweet.

I have read to my daughter from the day she was born. I loved the idea of surrounding her with stories & my voice, to help ease her into sleep, or while away an afternoon.  We have explored the smallest to the grandest--Winnie the Pooh to Harry Potter. Pages and pages, word after word.

Now, that she is ten, we have less time to read together, as she has developed a great love of the written word, and gets lost in pages all by herself.

So our summer read was one book, Wonder, recommended by her 4th grade teacher, and now, I whole-heartedly recommend to everyone!

We began the story in June, in a hammock, and ended it, snuggled together at bedtime, the first night of her new year in the 5th grade.

The story, so beautifully reminds us of the gift of kindness; the surprising places where bravery lurks and how, in understanding that each one of us has a story--we can never lose our empathy for the other.

Wonder, by R.J. Palacio, read more about it here...

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