14 November 2011

ses petites mains + Amy Merrick = flower girls

At ses petites mains, we believe in beautiful partnerships.  Take, for example, the fringe hem at the sweep of our Sofia dress.  Or, the striped organza skirt on our polka dot bodice of the Gertie dress.  

 Oh, and these bouquets by the 
Brooklyn-based florist, Amy Merrick.  

They must have been made with our special occasion dresses in mind.  

Amy Merrick flowers, ahhh.  

We give Flower Girls a new meaning!

See our full collection of dresses here...

Gertie dress & Sofia dress images courtesy of 
the insanely talented, Chris O'Shea.


  1. Oh my gosh, I love that Sofia dress! The fringe is fun, pretty, bright and special. Thanks for making such beauty.

  2. thanks, Christine, we love hearing your comments!

  3. what a beautiful posting! love the dresses & the flowers. thank you.


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