19 November 2010

ses petites mains & Bella Vita Home

Gertrude dress (far left), kat surplice (middle) and Giselle dress with Edna wrap (far right). 
 Bella Vita Home is now a home to ses petites mains.  And we couldn't be more thrilled with the lovely window display featuring our Fall2010 collection.

And for our many loyal East Bay ses petites mains' fans--we are excited to offer you the chance to get to know Bella Vita Home, or give you an excuse to drop in again, ifyou are already acquainted!
So whether your needs are everyday or special occasion, Bella Vita Home will help to make sure you have a tiny chic option.

Visit Bella Vita Home at
5407 College Avenue in Oakland's darling Rockridge neighborhood (510) 653-1639


  1. I live in Rockridge and love Bella Vita and ses petites mains...its now dangerously close to my pocketbook! Thanks, so exciting

  2. thanks beth! i love ses petites mains and it is a perfect fit in bella vita!


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