15 April 2010

Ericka McConnell shoots ses petites mains

One of the many lovely aspects of creating ses petites mains, has to be the fantastic people I meet along the way. 

And Ericka McConnell is no exception.  I first met Ericka when looking for models for our spring 2010 collection.  Her lovely little girl adds a tremendous amount of savoir faire to our Molly shirtwaist, our Vivienne shell (both featured below) and many others. 

And now Ericka McConnell returns the favor in kind with the images she took featuring ses petites mains.  See for yourself...check out Ericka's blog at http://blog.erickamcconnell.com/2010/04/athena-hippie.html


1 comment:

  1. beth, i love your new collection here. that red blouse is simply amazing!


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