21 April 2010

Earth Day, nothing tiny about it.

Today, on Earth Day, pick 3 things that you can do to ease the burden we place upon Mother Earth.  Here are a few easy ideas--bring your own cup when you go to your favorite cafe;  take a walk instead of grabbing the keys; and drop a few seeds in the back yard and start a garden.  Or just create a moment to learn more about the wonders of the world around us.  And in that new knowledge, vow to protect one of the beautiful discoveries you make.

Just last weekend--we visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a favorite spot in our family, for sure.  As an adult, I am taken aback by how much I learn each and every time I visit.  For my daughter, its wonderful to see her growing understanding and appreciation for all things sea-bound. 
So allow me to share some spectacular images in honor of Mother Earth--thanks for the color; the odd and beautiful creatures; and the endless mysteries that keep us fascinated.

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