19 February 2010


If you are anything like us, you love the idea of a lemonade stand. Is it the arrival of new lemons on our Meyer lemon tree; the squeezing of them; the-ever-so-exciting moment of adding the sugar (and sneaking wet fingers into the sugar bowl)? Who knows which exact element creates the extreme enthusiasm? But it definitely exists, in pitchers-full every time we host one, curbside on our little block in San Francisco.

And if you are anything like myself, overcome by the delightfully sweet little ones who serve the tart conconction in tiny paper cups; spilling equal parts as they pour; and collecting quarters for their worthy cause--well, I'll buy the entire pitcher.

So how does all this relate to ses petites mains? Just today, Maggie Eigen--the owner of the new childrens boutique, Lemonade in Manhattan-- called to report that one of her clients, so taken with our Betty Shirtwaist in sparkle seersucker (pictured at right), bought every size she had to sell! With a trip planned to visit family, she wanted a dress for every little one she knew.

Its enough to make you pucker up and kiss her!

Thanks for loving our Betty, we have to admit, we love her too. She's almost as cute as those little girls selling the lemonade (I did say almost!).

If you are in New York city, visit
Lemonade at 1038 Lexington Avenue at 74th Street, 212.585.4371.

See our Betty Shirtwaist  at our tiny chic boutique.

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