05 November 2014

Women in Design--Baylor Chapman of Lila B. Designs

For sometime, I have been thinking about devoting some space & time in our Blog to feature fellow San Francisco Designers who provide me with inspiration--be it in their work, where they work, how they work, how they came to their work.  Whatever the source of the inspiration, I would like to celebrate a bit of it.  

So here goes, my first feature!  

This week, I had the sweet pleasure of meeting the super talented floral designer and founder of Lila B. Designs,
Baylor Chapman.   

Her work has inspired me for some time, so it was really exciting to meet the 'woman behind the garden', in her spectacular workspace/studio/showroom at Stable Cafe in San Francisco.  

Being a believer in the 'art of the find' myself, I have an enormous appreciation for how she can transform the most ordinary object--say a shutter--into a stunning living wall hanging.  Or a tiny tea cup reinvented as a precious succulent vessel.  

Her creations never cease to make me stop & ponder the design.

I'll be sharing more details about a Trunk Show/Holiday event that we will be doing together in December, so stay tuned, you wont want to miss it.

In the meantime, check out her beautiful book, The Plant Recipe, where she shares her knowledge of plants and eye for design.   It would make a perfect holiday gift for someone with (or without) a green thumb.

Lila B. Designs, in the courtyard of Stable Cafe
2128 Folsom Street @ 17th
San Francisco

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