20 July 2012

here comes the weekend--a road trip journal

Here are a few pages from my travel journal.
I love capturing tiny memories of a trip, better than a postcard
that you send away and sweeter than a photo.
I recommend you do the same the next time the road beckons.

We just returned from our travels up and down the coast--
leaving San Francisco to check out Mt. Shasta;
picking marion berries just outside of Portland,
surfing at our favorite beach along the Oregon coast;
driving our car along the beach (yes, that's what 'they' do there!);
eating lots of saltwater taffy (and watching my daughter lose a wiggly baby molar in the process!);
white water rafting on the Rogue River;
laughing-'til-it-hurts watching the fantastic performance of Animal Crackers in Ashland;
playing 'name that tune' to while away the hours in the car;
and just loving the time spent together exploring coastlines, telling silly jokes & collecting states from all the license plates we find along the way (35 in total, 33 within the US!).

Hope you are finding sweet summer memories of your own.

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