12 June 2012

its been quiet here (blog), but not here (studio)

Ah, the lazy days of summer.  But where does that really occur?  

Summer in my life means winding down a school year with many, 
many year end activities.
(How lovely to see my daughter in all her glory!?)

Summer, or the 'Wedding season' means our Bespoke Dresses are in wild demand.
(How lovely to see our dresses in all their glory?!)

Summer, means oh so many things, and I love them all. 
So please excuse the quietness of our blog & enjoy some of what has kept us off-line!

My daughter's 4th grade class, traveled to the gorgeous Fort Ross, 
perched on the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean a couple hours North of San Francisco.  

 Her class (and parent chaperones, myself included) had to reinact life, 
for 36 hours, as it was in 1812 with 

In full costume, by candlelight, we experienced life as one of many 
in the community of the Fort.  That's me, fourth from the left, as a French Diplomat.  

We even danced the troika!  
That's my daughter in my favorite Matta dress (makes for a good 1800's costume, I think!)

Here's to the lazy summer days, I just hope I have one soon--or not!

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