22 May 2012

Deia, paella & I.

A few years back, I took an idyllic trip to
the island of Mallorca and 
discovered that heaven truly does
reside on earth--
in the tiny seaside
Mediterranean town of Deia.  

That's me, on said trip, exploring the 
ancient village on my touring bike.  
Luckily, what the bike lacked in speed, 
was compensated in pure European panache.

Flash forward, and imagine my delight in happening across this article, last Sunday, 
featuring this tiny paella restaurant, perched along the cliffs.  The owner was insanely charming and loved everything about his paella--pans, rice, saffron.  The scents lured you in from far away.  I could have stayed forever, eating that delectable meal served in the sizzling pan.

And now that same tiny spot, the same one that enchanted me then, 
is making waves in the New York Times.

If only I could get on my bike and ride over right now...I would.  
You should, if you have any plans, to be anywhere near!

Read the full article here...

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