10 March 2011

things I love: sea sucker

Seersucker--hard for me not to love the quirky sounding name.  Historians would tell you it was originally
'Sea Sucker', good thing it evolved, I think.

Even harder for me not to get lost in the memory of my Father, dressed in his crisp seersucker suit--blue & white stripe, of course.  Hot Chicago summer days were not to impede his sense of  'how one should dress.'  Suits still mattered even when the thermometer soared and humidity was ever-present.

Then, there is also, the full history of the fabric
(yes, dating back farther than my Father's first appearance in it)--Indian in its heritage and adopted by the English.  Those of you who know me, are aware of my anglophile ways and my 'it is written' sensibilities.   So seersucker seems to be a likely love.  And 'it is written', as ses petites mains is committed to this lovely fabric, season after season.

For spring2011, we are infatuated with the sienna plaid seersucker...rich in color & texture.  And just when you thought it couldn't get better, a tiny thread of lurex, you know,  for a hint of glimmer.     

Check out our betty shirtwaist & katie dress, both in the plaid seersucker.  Instore at our tiny chic boutique.
betty shirtwaist, plaid seersucker

katie dress, plaid seersucker

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  1. So darling, thank you for loving 'sea sucker'...didn't know how much I loved it until right now!

    georgia at gmail dot com


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