03 May 2010

The Rose dress--encore encore!

As a designer, I would be lying if I said that I didn't have a favorite collection, a favorite season or a favorite style.  In the process of designing a season, I love to create a story--complete with characters, settings, moods etc.  And in that process, one character (aka a dress, pant or top) will emerge, leaving me totally enchanted.

[Rose, enter stage left] The Rose dress, in our mae denim--soft, light-weight and perfect for sunny days-- has held that spot in my heart for some time.  It doesn't hurt that the orders for Rose just don't stop coming--remember she is very enchanting!  And, although the lovely buyers at Chasing Fireflies do their best to keep ordering more and more, she will eventually sell out, so get yours, while you still can!

Look for the Rose Dress in the new Chasing Fireflies catalog or on-line.

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